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Life is changing fast. The first time I ever posted anything on this blog was in January 2009 and it was a recap of pictures of 2008. It's hard to believe it was nearly a decade ago that I first started a blog. A lot has changed over the last nine years. This blog has been through a few iterations and so have I.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no idea that blogging was bigger than me. I opened this free Blogger account and started writing. I didn't know anything about growing my readership, monetizing, list building, SEO, opt-ins, social media marketing, influencer agreements, brand partnerships, blogger networks, ad networks or anything else. But I learned it all along the way. One thing at a time.

Running came first. I started running to lose a few pounds. Then I started blogging about running and that is when things started to change for me. While pursuing my passions of running and writing I had incredible opportunities to run, travel and meet some amazing people. I couldn't have predicted the places this blog would take me.

It was the blogging world that opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing professional fitness certifications. There are so many running bloggers, I wanted to stand apart. The professional certifications would add a touch of authority behind my writing. I wanted to write about running and fitness, but I mostly wanted to help people. I didn't want it to be a blog about (as much) my own fitness pursuits anymore and I knew it could potentially be irresponsible to dole out fitness advice, workouts and/or nutritional guidance without some education behind it.

It took me a long time to get my (excuse the language) shit together. I talked about becoming a personal trainer for years before I actually did it. When I did, I took on clients and started building a small business around my passions. This year I went part-time at my corporate job to allow more time to pursue my purpose.

Blogging is still my first love. I blog here and over on Lea Genders Fitness where I share workouts and fitness articles for runners. In the spring of 2016, I made a commitment to post three times a week on Lea Genders Fitness. I've been running two blogs consistently for two years. It takes up a lot of free time but I love every second of it. It is my passion and creative outlet.

Lea Genders Fitness

However, As my business is growing it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage two blogs. There is so much more time and effort required than simply writing blog posts (which in itself is time consuming). In an effort to streamline my blogging process, I've decided to keep Running with Ollie as a feature site, where I share the stories of four-legged runners and their humans in my Tuesday Tails Furry Feature. It is always the most popular post of the month anyway and the people who read this blog love to see all the furry faces.

It is easier for me to put together a feature post, then write a blog post from scratch every week.

I will move all my personal blog posts like my race recaps, information about the conventions I attend, my personal experiences at local fitness events and whatever else is on my mind over to a personal blog column on Lea Genders Fitness called Lea's Beans. This will allow me to pepper in more personal posts on my business fitness blog. Lea's Beans is launching April 23.

Lea's Beans


Running with Ollie will now be a feature site where I share the stories of runners and their favorite four-legged running partners like I've been doing on Tuesday Tails Furry Feature. Instead of once a month, I will feature a running dog once a week. Want to be featured next? Fill out this form to be considered. Given my new direction, I have a lot of openings. If you fill out the form and submit pictures of your dog, chances are you'll get a feature in the upcoming months.

Running with Ollie

Look for my "personal" blog posts now over on Lea Genders Fitness: Lea's Beans (launching April 23rd).

But, Why?

  • I've been confusing people with my blog name for years. People think my name is Ollie. Ollie gets so many emails. It's time to separate Lea Genders Fitness from Running with Ollie Blog.
  • This blog will be more focused and be all about running, dogs and of course, Ollie.
  • More focus towards my personal training/run coaching website will help me advance towards those goals. If I continue to split my focus something will continue to suffer.

How Can I Help?

Thanks for asking. If you run with your dog, apply to be featured in a future post on Running with Ollie. 

I started a new Instagram page for Lea Genders Fitness. Follow me over there.

Follow the Lea Genders Fitness strength & running blog for my fitness articles and now my personal blog posts too.

I think this is the right thing to do as I am working towards some short-term goals to build my business.

Please submit your applications to be featured...I need YOU and your favorite furry faces to keep this blog alive!

Ollie approves

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Keep Running,


Does your running partner have four legs

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