Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I'm So Busy in April, I Plan to Sleep Through May

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This is my personal blog. It is my sanity-saving personal outlet. I can't even tell you how much it means to me that you read it. Here I write about my personal experiences with fitness, my Ollie, and my life. I realized recently how important it is for me to both have a business blog and a personal blog. It's a lot of work to keep up with two blogs, but so worth it.

"What are you doing this weekend, Lea?"

The answer is usually "nothing" or "running." I like it that way. My life is pretty low key. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and my dog. I enjoy relaxing or running. I don't fill up my weekend with a lot of activities. It's my time to unwind and relax from a busy week.

But in April, I inadvertently filled up all my weekends. I have so many fun events coming up that I'm already exhausted thinking about them. Of course, I am looking forward to it all, but my personality is as such that I need a lot of time to unwind from all the excitement. Can you relate?

My Mom and Brother are Visiting!

My mom and brother are visiting from Pennsylvania this weekend! I am so excited, but I have already spent more time preparing the house than they will actually be staying here. My husband decided it would be a good idea to paint the spare bedroom, which led to redoing all the drywall, window trim, sills, floorboards, crown molding and all new furniture. One little project turned into one giant project. It's good though. Nothing like out of town visitors to motivate you to get your shit house together. My mom last visited in 2013 and my brother hasn't been in Texas since 2005! It should be a fun whirlwind of a weekend. Hopefully, the spare bedroom will come together in time...

looks inviting, right?


Personal Training Institute Conference

I always travel to attend the big IDEA World convention each year with the Sweat Pink ladies at #Blogfest, but this year one of the smaller IDEA conferences, the Personal Training Institute, is local to Dallas. It's nice to attend a conference like this without the travel or hotel expenses. I have a booked solid schedule from April 6-8th. I'll earn continuing education credits for my training certifications and hopefully walk away with new ideas and strategies to better serve my personal training and nutrition clients.

Husband's Friends are Visiting/ BFF's Fashion Show

My husband has friends stopping by on their cross-country road trip from Arizona to Virginia. Good thing that spare room will be in order (#crossyourfingersforme).

My best friend is a fashion designer and helps run a charity fashion show every spring to benefit the Legal Hospice of Texas. This year the Fashion Cited event is April 13th.

Disney Dark Side Half Marathon

April 25 is the 20th anniversary of our first date, so hubs and I are going to Florida to run the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half marathon to celebrate. (If you would have told me in 1998 I'd be spending my 20th anniversary running a Star Wars-themed half marathon, I probably would have fallen off my bar stool laughing.)

I haven't run longer than an hour since Cowtown and with these busy weeks ahead not sure when I'll have time to get much more training in. Bring on the hurt! Haha. Good thing this one is just for fun. We still need to come up with a couples costume, I'll be Leia, obviously.

Jack White Concert

I'm really excited for the last weekend in April. If you know me you know I have a schoolgirl like obsession with all things Jack White. You know, that guy from the White Stripes. I even had a blog dedicated to him for awhile. He's been in two other bands since the White Stripes and recently put out his third solo album. He's on tour in support of his new album and making a Dallas stop. It will his first Dallas concert in any his band in nine years! I am ridiculously excited to have the opportunity to see him live again.

I plan to sleep all of May. How about you?

Keep Running,


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