Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Ultimate Coffee Date: December

Happy Saturday friends! I am teaming up Deborah and Coco for another edition of the Ultimate Coffee Date. Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee? I wish we could meet in real life (IRL as the kids say) so pour a cup of Joe, pull up a chair and let's chat...

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about.... NTX Ladies of Real Estate Sip & Shop

This past week I set up a booth at a local "sip and shop" event to promote my personal training and running coaching services. It was a lot of fun to connect with people and meet some of the other small business owners in my area. Did I walk away with a dozen new clients? No. But training is not an impulse buy. It was more about meeting people and getting my name out more in the local community. I am more well-known online than in my own town, so it's time to change that. It was funny that when people would walk by and see my booth, they would immediately break eye contact and run away. I think they were afraid I would make them drop and give me 20? Ha Ha. I felt like I should be yelling after them, "Stop, I'm nice. I promise."

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about...Christmas

Sometime I feel like I should have blog template for the start of every new month that says "Where did last month go, I can't believe it is (insert new month here) already!" because I say it every month. It's strange to me because sometimes the days and weeks feel long and drawn out, but the months and years fly by! Here we are already in the last month of 2017. Seriously, Where did the year go? They seem to fly by faster and faster every year these days.

So, it's Christmas and we decided not to put up a tree this year. I am not a fun-hater, I promise. We don't have kids, our families live far away, we are trying to save money and the tree seems like a lot of work for such a short time. The weather has been warm in Texas and it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I'll probably regret it as Christmas gets closer, but I for now I am just not feeling it. I'll buy a few gifts for the people closest to me and for my annual Toys for Tots shopping spree, but we are going low key this year and I am happy with that.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about...Jen Staley

It's also a sad time of year for me because it is the anniversary of when I lost my best friend from high school. We graduated together in 1992 and she passed away in 2009. I wish I could fill her in on all the things that have been happening in the last eight years. Who knows, maybe she is watching. I'm sure anyone who lost someone feels this way, but it is weird and sad that the world keeps spinning without her. I wrote a poem about a dream I had about her a few years ago and I like to share it in her honor every year.

My little Jenny

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about...going part time

Last time we had a coffee date, I told you I was going part-time at my corporate marketing job in order to have more time to focus on my training business. I only have three more weeks of full-time work ahead of me! I realized through all of this that I am extremely risk averse. We have at least a year's worth of expenses in savings, my husband runs his own business and my part-time work will more than cover my bills, but I still have moments of pure terror. What the hell am I doing? I actually know deep in my heart it is exactly the right thing, but I think we've been conditioned for so long to think that a full time corporate job equals security so there is a part of my brain that keeps reverting to panic.

I was searching through my old emails looking for something else entirely, but I happened upon an email I sent my sister in 2014 telling her I didn't feel happy or fulfilled at my job. That was FOUR YEARS AGO! It's time to shake things up. I'm doing the right thing.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you insurance

The sucky adulting part of all of this is that because I am going part-time I will lose my full-time benefits, including health insurance. Shopping for health insurance was one of the most frustrating things I did all year. Healthcare dot gov was quoting $1500 per month to cover hubs and I. We don't quality for assistance, so this was simply not going to work. The alternative plans were all still expensive and had limited coverage. I chose the lesser of two evils and made a decision, so I suppose the good news is that we are covered for 2018.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about...IDEA Personal Trainer Institute South

I made one purchase on Black Friday and it was an event ticket for the Idea Personal Trainer Institute South conference in April. It's similar to the big Idea World Fitness conference that I attend every year in July but it's in my hometown of Dallas (so no travel expenses), IDEA had a 40% off sale on black Friday and I will need the continuing educations credits anyway, so it was a no-brainer. My only reservation is that when I attend the big conference every year in July I go with the Sweat Pink girls, so I know a lot of people there. I'm not sure I will know anyone going to this one in Dallas. It's another example of how I have more connections online than in person. I guess I'll get a chance to brush up on my networking skills. (Ugh. lol.)

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about...Our Disney Anniversary Trip

My husband and I went on our first date on April 25, 1998. What!?! It's been 20 years? It almost doesn't seem possible. For our 20 year first-date-i-versary we are flying to Disney to run the Dark Side Half Marathon! I have my slave-Leia costume all ready to go (now I just need to get into better shape to wear it). I bought our plane tickets this week so my excitement is bubbling up again. We've been training, but it's definitely time to get a little more serious. I can't decide what is more unbelievable, that it's been 20 years or that he agreed to run another half marathon with me!

So, enough about me. What's up with you?

Keep Running,


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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It may have been years ago but a loss is still a loss and those feelings never actually go away. I love your poem!

    Your Disney anniversary trip sounds fun!! And I'm all about a low key Christmas. Never happens though. Although, I guess last year it did because Chris was gone and the kids were doing their own thing so I had frozen pizza and manhattans for Christmas dinner. lol

    Once I finally get my Personal Trainer cert (test on the 20th!), I'll come to that Institute with you and then we'll work on networking together! :)

    1. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I WOULD ADORE THAT! PLEASE COME! - frozen pizza and manhattans sound delightful! :)

  2. Awhhhhh, congrats on 20 years!! A Disney half marathon seems like a perfect way to celebrate ;-)

  3. I missed the Coffee Date this month, because I was crushing a half marathon. :)

    Congrats on 20 years. That's very exciting. I hope you have the best time celebrating at Disney.

    You're gonna be so much happier going to part-time, so just remember that every time a little freak-out starts to creep up.

  4. I think it's okay to not put up a tree if it's not a family situation at your place. I live alone and sometimes put up a small tree, but since I'm always at my parents, I'm not bothering this year. Plus, I don't know where the heck I put it. LOL!

    How cool that your first date anniversary is on 4/25! That's my birthday, so I always think that date is awesome! You'll have a blast running Dark Side, I paced it this year, and it was a lot of fun. Hoping to pace again in 2018.


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