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One of my pet peeves is the #ladyboss #bossbabe #girlboss trend. I love when women start and run their own businesses, there is just something about the label that makes me cringe. I think it is because of the strong women I know who are actually bosses in successful companies and corporations would never hashtag #girlboss on the outside of their office. It seems to be a term used by wanna-be girl bosses on the internet. Actual successful bosses who happen to also be women are less concerned about labels and hashtags and more concerned about getting shit stuff done. Besides have you ever seen the hashtag #boyboss? I'd rather look up to a woman entrepreneur than a girl boss. Is it just me?

I love meeting kick-ass women entrepreneurs. I get so much inspiration from meeting ladies who run their own businesses on their own terms. Whether they run a part-time business to pay off debt, to make some extra spending money or a full-time business to support a family of six, I always want to learn from the people who are following their dreams, taking risks and making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

I had the opportunity this week from a connection with an old friend to set up a booth at the NTX ladies of Real Estate Holiday Sip & Shop to promote my personal training and running coaching services. It was a fun experience, a great opportunity to meet other local business owners and get my business name out there.

I had a great time and I wanted to introduce you to some of the amazing women entrepreneurs I met while I was there. There were ladies who ran network marketing businesses, creative businesses, product-based businesses and service businesses. No matter how you choose to inspire the world through your small business, I want to support you. If you don't live near Keller, TX and couldn't attend the event, most of these ladies have websites, Etsy shops and Facebook pages so I invite you to do a little small business shopping online.

Welcome to the North Texas Ladies of Real Estate Sip & Shop Event.

Perfect. Thanks for letting me know.

I set up a little booth to promote my training business. One thing to note is that people don't buy personal training on a whim. Usually by the time someone comes around to hiring a coach or a trainer they likely put a lot of thought and research into it. It's not the kind of thing where you see a booth at a fair and sign up. My presence there was more about meeting people and getting my name out there.

I printed out copies of my Eight Minute No-Excuses No-Equipment Holiday Hustle workout for people to take and try at home. I also had fun fitness questions where people could test their fitness knowledge and win a small prize for correct answers. I gave out some #sweatpink shoe laces and had a great time.

I will say that some people seemed hesitant to even make eye contact with me once they saw what my booth was promoting. Maybe they've seen too many episodes of the Biggest Loser with Jillian Michaels' in-your-face style training. I think next time I need to hang a sign that promises I won't yell at you, send you on a guilt trip or try to convince you to do anything you are not inclined to do. Hah.

I'm here to help and answer questions. My goals is to always meet people where they are and help in whatever way I can. Maybe I can answer a question about health or nutrition or you can subscribe to my fitness blog for free. Nothing scary about that. Right? I promise, no forced burpees.

my "nice lady" face.

I'll start with Leslie and Lisa from Pickled Picasso in Keller, TX. They host painting events where you can get together with friends and actually paint something that doesn't look like your three-year-old did it, even with no prior painting skills. My favorite thing they offer is a paint your pet event the last Sunday of every month from 4-6PM. Who thinks I need to paint Ollie? When I told hubs about the paint your pet event, he thought for a second I meant, paint ON your pet. That wouldn't go over so well with Ollie. Hah.

Lisa is the manager of Pickled Picasso in Keller, TX

Next I met Mary who is the Mother of three boys and looks way too well-put-together for someone with three young boys. I have one boy husband and one boy dog and it is overwhelming. She sells those wildly popular and oh-so-soft leggings (and tons of other clothing) from LuLaRoe.

Leggings for Days!

From a purely observational standpoint, I think Jessica's "The Front Door" booth of creative custom Christmas wreaths was the biggest hit of the night. I didn't get a chance to talk to her much because she was so busy. She is not in the picture because she was in the hallway glueing legs on wreaths and fulfilling orders.

So cute. Right?

I was standing across from Sheila all night as she sold her makeup and skincare lines from Senegence. This girl can sell. She's a beautiful walking billboard with smooth skin to prove it.

My booth neighbors were Jennifer and Melissa. As far as neighbors go, they were top notch! They didn't have loud parties or blow their leaves in my yard.

Jennifer has a cute Minnesota accent and she makes this awesome organic face cleanser and moisturizer. I loved learning a little about her story. You can check it out in her Etsy shop Little Bits for You Shop

Melissa is the designer and artist from Upgraded Life Handmade and has super-human creative talents. 
Yes, please. 

My other booth neighbor was Amber from Pure Romance. She's your go-to-gal for all your sexy and good-smelly (that's a word, right?) holiday gifts. 

I wish I would have had more time to talk to Kristi the jewelry designer behind Kris Cross. Her jewelry was beautiful and would make a great holiday gift. (hint hint to my friends and family)

Andrea from Monat was selling hair care with natural-based ingredients. Due to my current obsession with hair products, I am pretty sure she should be my new best friend. 

We finish off with beautiful pottery and clay art by local artist Kashmira Mistry!

A big thank you to my friend Dee Dee Fletcher Taylor who was the host of the event with NTX Ladies of Real Estate. We worked together at two separate apparel companies in Dallas throughout the years (and both managed to escape). I even adopted her dog many moons ago when she had to find him a new home. We go waaay back. Thanks, DeeDee for the opportunity to meet all these fantastic #girlbosses #womenentrepreneurs.

Thanks to the event's sponsors

Corin Insurance - Katie Sanford along with Amanda Beat
Bayshore Mortgage - Cynthia Cortopassi Porter
Freedom Title - Amy Hamilton and Tiffany Williams Thompson
Berkshire Hathaway Worldwide - DeeDee Fletcher Taylor

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