Saturday, May 27, 2017

My #ShredShed Lelands Interview

I told you a couple weeks ago that the people from Lelands (near Fort Worth) who built our #shredshed sent out a producer to interview me.

Brandon from Downforce Productions sat down with me and asked questions about my passions, my business and how we use the #Shredshed. I have to tell you that I spent the week after we filmed (over) analyzing all the possible idiotic things I said that would be cemented on the internet forever.

Did I talk to fast? (um. yeah.) Did I say um too many times? I'm sure I said at least 50 stupid things. It was in the back of head for awhile. Honestly, I was kind of stressed about it.

Brandon is clearly a genius who turned my incoherent ramblings into something great.

I love my Lelands #shredshed. Thanks to Lelands and Brandon from Downforce Productions for a great experience.

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