Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You Take The Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have....

Hi, Friends.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. Am I aging myself? Tootie? Anyone?

Things have been going pretty well, but as things go in life, there have been some struggles that go along with it.


I am thrilled to announce that I was accepted onto the Rock 'n' Blog team for the Rock 'n' Roll marathon series for the third year. My three passions in life are the three Rs: Running, Writing and Rock 'n' Roll.

This race series is a perfect match for me and I have had a blast running all over the country including San Diego, Vegas and San Antonio. The good news for you is that I have a discount code that that will work for most of the half marathon and marathon distances in the series. Will I see you at any races this year?

rock n roll marathon series 2017 discount code for $15 off


Two days after I was accepted into Rock 'n' Blog I had a doctor's appointment to discuss the results of my MRI. I hurt my shoulder months ago and I really needed to figure out what is going on. I haven't been able to lift weights since July. The doctor said that the swinging arm motion of running isn't doing my injured shoulder any favors. He didn't say I couldn't run, but he told me to listen to my body. If pain levels persists over a 3 (on a scaled from 1-10) during or after running, then I need to scale back. 

He said if my shoulder hurt after 3 miles then try running 2 or 1.5 to find the threshold that is tolerable. He called it the common sense approach for athletes with non-critical injuries continuing their sport. Ugh. Stupid common sense. I haven't been running for months in hopes that I could start training again in 2017. This isn't looking good for half marathon training.

I decided not run the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon because 13.1 miles probably isn't a good idea for my shoulder. I am running the 5K instead. I could be disappointed or I could be happy that I have the opportunity to have fun and earn a medal with the 5K too.  I'm choosing happy.


The good news is the doctor suspected I might have a rotator cuff tear but the MRI showed tendinosis, which he said is scar tissue. He said I definitely don't need surgery, which is very good news.

He described my injury like a pothole. Once the pothole (my shoulder) was damaged, the city (my body) sent out workers to repair, but before it could be repaired, cars drove over it again,* reinforcing the damage. Instead of trying to fix the pothole (my shoulder) over and over again, the city just threw down some wood (scar tissue) over the pothole. It didn't solve the core problem, but provided a temporary solution. He said we need to break up the scar tissue and do physical therapy to induce healing again. Let's get those damn workers back on the job, maybe I can be healthy again to run some end of year races, like Vegas!

(*I don't know where all those cars were coming from driving over my pothole 'cause I haven't done $hit since July except some infrequent running short distances and teaching bootcamp.)


6 weeks of physical therapy isn't bad in itself, it's much better than surgery, it's just that I have high deductible insurance, so 6 weeks of therapy will be very expensive. I am not going to worry about it and try to work it out with my therapist so that I can do most of the therapy on my own and just check in every once in awhile, rather than going into the office 2 or 3 times a week. I will just have to be extra diligent about making sure I do the prescribed exercises on my own at home. 


I am going to start with the bad for this last one so I can end of a positive note. I mentioned I was studying for my Precision Nutrition certification, but I fell off the study wagon hard over the holidays. Wait, is it March? Where does the time go? I literally could have completed the course by now if I had stayed on track.


I connected with another student in the program to be my accountability partner. We talked last week on the phone and discussed what our goals are for the week. I am going to finish and test two more chapters by next Monday. I've already started the routine of studying again and feel good about my progress in this short amount of time. I think with my accountability partner I'll whiz through the rest of the course. I think I can finish in 11 or 12 more weeks. Science is hard y'all. I have a marketing brain.

That's what is going on with me. What's up with you? If you haven't already, I invite you to visit me (and subscribe) over on Lea Genders Fitness where I write 3 new articles every week, including one workout post. Please join me at www.leagendersfitness.com for fitness, running and workout motivation!

Keep Running,

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  1. Common sense approach? Who wants that?! LOL. Hope that your shoulder starts to feel better soon. :)

    And congrats on becoming a Rock 'n Blog Ambassador again. Hope you see you in Vegas!!


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