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What You Can When You Can - Dallas Rock 'n' Roll 5K Edition

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One of my favorite fitness books that has become my fitness and coaching philosophy is What You Can When You Can. The idea behind What You Can When You Can (or #WYCWYC) is that we are human, no one is perfect and all that any of us can do is the best we can in the moment. It's about doing the best we can while not being too hard on ourselves when we fall short.

Once we let go of the idea of a perfect healthy lifestyle, we are free to live a flawed, beautiful, imperfect healthy lifestyle. It's not about making poor choices all the time, but making the best choices possible in the moment. Sometimes the best choice possible is not the perfect choice, but that's OK because we are not supposed to be perfect. I call it the common sense approach to a healthy lifestyle, because life is always going to get in the way. All we can do is the best we can.

If you tell yourself you must workout for an hour a day six days a week and never eat a morsel of unhealthy food ever again, you are doomed to fail from the start. There will always be family emergencies, late hours at work, birthday parties, happy hours and stresses of life. But if you go into it with a plan to be active and move most days of the week and make the best choices possible, you allow yourself the flexibility to live a healthy lifestyle even when life's circumstances aren't cooperating with your plans. You never can fail, you are always just moving forward.

So when I was registered to run the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon but my doctor told me that I shouldn't be running long distances due to the stress it was adding to my injured shoulder, I took my doctor's advice and my own. I can't run the half marathon but I can still run the 5K. It's what I can do.

I'll admit it's annoying. I wanted to run the half, but it's not smart to run a half when your doctor tells you not to. I am on the the Rock 'n' Blog team for the Rock 'n' Roll marathon series and I still wanted to experience race weekend. Was I frustrated I couldn't run the half? Absolutely, but the 5K is what I can, when I can. I can still run a race, go to all the meetups and experience race weekend. It's not exactly what I want, but it's the best I can do for now.

In the end my race weekend experience was not that different than if I ran the half marathon. Honestly, there was just a little less suffering on the course. Hah. My weekend was full of selfies, friends, meet up and medals. What's not to love and celebrate about that?


When you drive to a race alone you end up taking more selfies than what is probably appropriate. Why is my FlipBelt on my shoulder instead of around my waist, you ask? Well after the race I had to use the porta-potty and I kept having this terrible vision of it dropping in the toilet by mistake. Gross. Better safe than sorry. TMI? Sorry.

Me and some cattle downtown in Dallas, no biggie.

Me and the Geico Gecko at the health and fitness expo. See, always making friends. (Proof that I don't only post flattering pictures of myself.)


One of my favorite parts of running is the community of runners. I ran into and met up with friends from work, social media and beyond. 

Running friends are the best. They get me. 

Post 5K with Andrew from Smart Watermelon and Briana from


There was a #werunsocial meet up at the expo on Saturday after the race that was really fun. We Run Social organizes and hosts meet-ups at races all over the country. They are an amazing, welcoming all-inclusive group. Everyone is welcome to join! As a Premier Protein Ambassador I arranged to bring some Premier Protein goodies to giveaway at the event. My weekend was the epitome of Premier Protein's 2017 messaging "The Day is Yours." 

Congratulations to the Premier Protein gift bag winners!

Great minds think alike with the We Run Social Crew.

I am so awkward. They say "be silly." I wave. Hah. 


Even though I couldn't run the half, I was thrilled to walk away with a shiny new medal for finishing my 5K

I ran home and added it to my collection.

It was a fun flat fast (say that 5 times fast) course and in the end I was thrilled I got to experience race weekend and I didn't let what I couldn't do get in the way of what I could do.

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  1. I am doing my first marathon next weekend. Walking the whole damn thing with a friend who's walking them in all 50 states. I trained. But it was most definitely #wycwyc. I'm a little terrified----BUT I did what I could (when I could :-))

  2. I love your skirt! And any shiny medal is super fun. :)

    1. thank you! It's from Academy Sports. I think it's a tennis skirt, but hey, it works! :)


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