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Happy New Year, friends! I am looking forward to another great year in 2017. I have so many things brewing and it seems the opportunities are coming in from all angles. I am excited, hopeful and a little (a lot) nervous about the big goals I have set for myself in 2017.


First and foremost I am going to BlogFest again this year! This will be my third year and it is one of the highlights of my year. Here is my recap for BlogFest 2015 and BlogFest 2016. The past two years were in Los Angeles, but this year the convention is held in Las Vegas. 

Pros: 1. Hotels are cheaper in Vegas than downtown LA 2. My sister lives in Vegas. 
Cons: Heat death in Vegas in July. 

BlogFest is in conjunction with the major IDEA World Fitness convention, so my registration gets me into two days of blogging focused seminars with the SweatPink ladies and then two days in the IDEA World fitness professional sessions. It is free to attend for bloggers but you have to apply in advance. Will I see you there? 

Premier Protein

I signed on again as a Premier Protein ambassador for 2017. This is an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled to work with them again this year. What does it mean for you? Samples, giveaways, recipes and if you come to my boot camps, protein for everyone! This year, Premier Protein is all about making the day yours! How is Premier Protein helping you enjoy your day, not just the things you have to do, but the things you want to do? I'll be using the hashtag #TheDayIsYours when posting.

Fit 2 Run Boot Camp

Speaking of boot camps, I am hosting a free boot camp every Saturday morning in Haltom City at the Birdville track. We meet at a track, but the workouts are not your typical running or track workouts. We do boot camp-esque movements like squats, pushups and lunges using our body weight, medicine balls and resistance bands. Examples of typical workouts can be found on the Lea Genders Fitness Strength & Running Blog, like this stair workout and this medicine ball workout. Looks fun, right? You can join on MeetUp, on my personal training site or in our Facebook group. I would seriously LOVE to see you there.

Precision Nutrition

Oh crap. I forgot to study since Thanksgiving. Forgot? Sure, let's go with that. I started off really strong and just puttered out. Going to get back into it next week and power through. This is so meaningful to me. I believe that nutrition is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. If you are starting at ground zero, get your eating on track first and you can layer exercise on later. The thing I love about Precision Nutrition is that it is 50% nutrition science (which is as exciting as...well, nutrition science) and 50% coaching training. Once I finish I will be able to better serve my clients. 

Spartan Race Giveaway/ Instagram

I am sponsoring a Spartan Race Giveaway next week on my Instagram channel good for one free registration in the US to help promote the new Spartan Race season passes and the early 2017 races like So Cal, Arizona, Houston, Atlanta & Vegas. In addition there are also some very cool new medals, t-shirts & lots of new obstacles! Stay tuned. I'll add the link here when it goes live. There will be one US based winner. 

In other Instagram news, I usually don't get too caught up in the followers or numbers because I believe that engagement is way more important than followers; a million followers who don't care or engage with your content is almost irrelevant, while a smaller, more engaged community is more meaningful. With that being said, I am a mere 167 followers away from a huge milestone of 10K followers on Instagram. If we are not following each other yet, I'd love to connect

Revo2lution Running Ambassador

I signed on as a Revo2lution Running Ambassador. If you recall, I got a revolution running certification last year and now I am working with Jason Karp to help promote this program. If you are interested in becoming a running coach or just gaining more knowledge to become a better runner, I get a small % if you sign up for the program and say that you were referred by Lea Genders. The price for you stays the same either way but if you mention my name I make a few dollars which helps with the running (pun intended) and maintenance of this site and Lea Genders Fitness

I am ready to take on 2017! I hope to see you in person in Fort Worth, at events around the country or on social media. Happy New Year, friends!

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