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Who's Running Who? Tips for Running with Your Dog #Healthiertogether

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I have the best running partner. He never hits snooze on those early morning runs. He never cancels. He is always enthusiastically ready to run. His schedule never gets in the way of our runs. He never complains. He never talks my ear off and he always listens when I talk. He is perfectly content with running in silence. He always strives to protect me against the potential dangers on the road: people, dogs and especially those pesky squirrels. He doesn't care about pace. He'll go as fast or as slow as I want and he loves Fartlucks. "Hey, a squirrel, let's run fast to catch him! Hey, this tree smells interesting, let's stop and check it out."

The only downside? I have to pick up his poop! (I don't have that problem with human running partners.)

Ollie is my running buddy. We are healthier together. We live a physically active lifestyle together. I am a running coach and a dog lover. Running with your dog is a great way for you both to stay fit and healthy.


Remember the first time you hit the road for a run? You didn't run three miles on your first time out and neither should your dog. Just like a person, a dog needs to adapt to fitness. Start slow. Take your dog out for a half mile at first, build to a mile and then build from there. Try a walk/run regimen at first. If I am on a long run, I might take him for a three mile loop or two (he is conditioned for that) and drop him off at home while I continue my run. 

Is Fido Fit to Run?


You have those fancy running shoes, your dog's paws don't have the rubber soles to protect from the heat. Before you run on the street in the scorching heat, place your bare skin on the cement or asphalt. If it is too hot for you, it is probably too hot for him too. Dogs will need to be acclimated to running in the heat, just like you. 


Hydration is important for you and is just as important for your dog. I bring water for Ollie on our runs or I plan our runs past a park or school water fountain. If I see signs of over heating like panting excessively, I let him lie in the shade to recover. His safety is always more important than my run. 


I am an athlete and proper nutrition helps me look, feel and perform my best. Ollie is an athlete too, why should it be any different for him? I make sure he is fueled for all his daily activities by feeding him high quality food  Nulo premium pet food. Nulo‘s unique recipes uses fresh chicken, lamb and salmon and pairs them with yummy things like apples, carrots, lentils, and sweet potato. Pet nutrition is just as important to fuel his healthy lifestyle at nutrition is to mine. I always make sure the first ingredients listed are real meats. Ollie needs quality protein just like his mama. As a high meat protein dog food, he devours Nulo Pet Food. Available at Nulo.com and PetSmart.com


Don't be that person who lets your dog poop in the neighbor's yard. Be prepared with plastic bags and do the right thing...clean up after your running buddy.


Your dog probably doesn't need to run a half marathon. (Some dogs may be trained for it, but you certainly can't expect it right out of the gate.) Too many miles can cause too much stress on his body if he is not properly trained. Keep the runs with your dog short and sweet. A 30 minute run/walk will give your dog a great workout without taxing his body too much.



No matter how well-behaved your dog is, please always run with a leash. There are too many unknown factors that can change the situation in a blink of an eye. Stay in control with a leash.

Six legs are better than two as long as you apply common sense and put your dog's safety and enjoyment first! Feed you dog like an athlete. Check out Nulo at your local PetSmart or PetSmart online or learn more about Nulo at nulo.com

high-five Ollie!
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Ollie would say bye, but he's busy. 

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Does your running partner have four legs

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  1. Awww! I'd love to run with my pup Cocoa, but she's a Cocker and I don't think she could go the distance. She's pretty energetic tho!

  2. Our dog was a retired sled dog when we got her at 6 years old. We ran with her a lot and she loved it. However, her running was my sprinting so it was always an interesting time! Sadly she passed away this past June (2 days before my goal half marathon). We are still missing her.

  3. I have a walking partner (Max), though the walks involve lots of stopping and sniffing. He's a Shih Zu/Lhasa Apso mix (long body with short legs), so I doubt he'd be able go very far on a run. And I'm alright with that. I love all these tips, though, especially the common-sense one about training/conditioning your dog to run the longer distances....I wouldn't have thought of that (duh). ;-)

  4. Great tips! The only way my dog would run with me if I was carrying him, lol. He's lazy.

  5. I always forget to ease my girl into running. She loves it and she needs it, but it gets a bit sporadic at times. And then I forget to ease her back in.

  6. I don't have a pet but these are great tips! So glad you enjoy running with your dog :)

  7. Awesome post!

    Despite the title of my blog, the pugs are not really into running. Or walking quickly. Or doing much of anything active. LOL! It would be cool to have a dog to run with, but my guys aren't into it.

    1. LOL ha ha. Yeah, I always assumed that you ran with pugs!

  8. I often forget about my four legged friend's paws and how quickly they can heat up during the summer time. I really try my best to take him out during the summer in areas with grass along the sidewalk or trail that I'm on.

  9. You guys are so cute! Great tips. I've been thinking of getting a family dog. One that could run with me would definitely be a bonus.

    1. aww thank you! dogs at running partners are the best!

  10. My Scout was a great running partner. Good tips, Lea! I recall our vet told me not to start her really running withme till she was a year old.. up to that point, just lots of running play for her and walking. I was thrilled to have years of enjoyment with her! So happy that you and Ollie have each other. Love reading posts about Ollie and seeing the great pics of you together!


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