Friday, October 28, 2016

Furry Friday Feature: Kaila & Nebby from Chicago

Welcome to the latest edition of Furry Friday Feature. On FFF I introduce you the furriest four-legged runners on the internet and their favorite humans. Due to popular demand this will be a weekly feature instead of a monthly one! Stay tuned every Friday for even more furry faces.

This week I am thrilled for you to meet Kaila and Nebby from Chicago. 

Kaila and Nebby from Chicago

Hi, Kaila. Tell us a little bit about your favorite running partner?

Nebby is an 8 year old Black Lab/Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is a rescue dog and contracted parvovirus at the shelter when she was just 8 weeks old. The vet gave her a 50% chance of living since she was severely malnourished and weighed only 3 lbs. After two weeks of IV antibiotics and fluids, Nebby finally starting to perk up and act like a normal puppy. I started running with her in June 2013 and she has been the best running buddy I could ever ask for!

Where is your favorite place to run with your pooch

Swallow Cliff Woods in Palos Park, IL

Do you have any advice for running with your dog?

Leash training your dog for running can be hard. My best advice is to make sure your dog is 100% leash-trained for walking before you begin running with them. Nebby knows the commands "left", "right", "cross", "wait", "get up" (go faster), and "easy" (slow down). I always keep her on a short leash and directly at my left side to prevent any tripping. We had lots of incidents in our first few months of running- her cutting me off, chasing squirrels, etc.- but she learned quickly and is incredible on the leash now. 

Have you ever raced with your dog? 

Yes! Two 5k's (Nebby's PR is 22:28) and several virtual runs (5k, 10k, and a half marathon!)

Tell us about a running moment that made you proud!

My proudest running moment is when I finally broke 20:00 in the 5k. I had been chasing this goal for a few years and working really hard to get my splits down- things like speed training, yoga, strength training, and ab work, double run days. I finally did it in February 2016 with a finish time of 19:43- a 24 second PR! I cried a few happy tears as I crossed the finish line and my coach gave me a hug (which he never does)!

What running (or life) lesson can we learn from our dogs?

Mindfulness. So often on runs I find myself stressed about school, relationships, or how my run is going and then I look down and see how happy Nebby is to just be running with me. It doesn't matter to her if it's a short run or a long run, our neighborhood loop or a new trail, or how fast or slow we go; she is just happy to be there. 

Tell us a funny story about Nebby.

Nebby loves to play with toys (she is amazing at catching frisbees)! Anytime someone comes home or we have guests over, she has to run and get a toy before she comes to greet you at the door. If she can't find a toy nearby, she will bring you a shoe or her doggy brush or anything else she can carry to you. My mom always jokes that if someone was breaking into our house to rob us, Nebby would greet them at the door with a toy.

You can follow Kaila and Nebby on Instagram: letyourcolors_run or on her blog: let your colors run

Thanks Kaila for sharing Nebby with us!

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