Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Secret to Fitness Success

I discovered an amazing fitness fact that pretty much changed my whole life. Ready? Consistency is key. We know that right? The missing piece for me was the realization that 15-20 minutes a day of being consistent was better than a planned one hour workout that I missed a couple times a week.

Can I really reach my goals in only 15-20 minutes a day? A resounding YES! Not to say that I don't ever work out longer, but once I forced myself to work on the consistency part by doing at least 15-20 minutes a day, the results came pouring in. I could never do full (on my toe) pushups. I committed to working on it three times a week, every single week and after three short weeks I could get my chest closer to that floor than I could even believe. That was after three weeks, image the progress after three months or three years. I've been doing knee pushups for ten years with little progress.

You see for the last ten years or so, I planned my weight training schedule according to the Body For Life plan alternating between one hour upper body workouts and lower body workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This plan is great if you are consistent. If you are not consistent, this training schedule can leave you with working your muscle groups once a week or less. Not great for progress.

By committing to just to pushups, rows and planks for upper body/abs and deadlifts, squats and Kettle bell swings for lower body/abs for only 15-20 minutes a day, my progress and strength went through the roof.

Turns out being consistent with just 15-20 minutes a day is much better than being inconsistent with planned one hour workouts. Who knew? (The whole world, I know.)

Consistent action is the secret to fitness success. But that's no secret, right? It's all in the execution.

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  1.'re saying I should make sure I do my PT exercises every day if I want them to work? I do have 15-20 for them. I need to do them. I needed to hear this :)


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