Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Race Day Essentials Giveaway from Lea Genders Fitness

Did you know that in addition to this blog I also have a personal training website/blog? I couldn't think of a better way to bribe (um..I mean, entice) you to go visit my new site than to giveaway free stuff! So head over to the link to enter to win my favorite Race Day Essentials giveaway. Enter to win prizes from FlipBelt, ProCompression (+ a discount code for everyone), Lock Laces, Premier Protein and a $10 iTunes gift card to load new songs to your running playlist from me. If you have friends who also like to win free stuff, it would be amazing if you shared!

So what are you waiting for? 

Click over to Lea Genders Fitness right now to enter to win my race day essentials giveaway!

Good luck, friends!

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Does your running partner have four legs

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Furry Friday Feature: Fitness for the Regular Guy

Happy Friday, friends! All I have to say about this week is TGIFFF. Thank God it's Furry Friday Feature!! Furry Friday Feature is one my favorite posts of the month. I love to introduce you to the most adorable four-legged runners on the web (and their favorite humans). This month meet my Twitter friend and fellow dog runner @fitregularguy. I see myself as a fit regular girl, so I love Andrew's blog, Fitness for the Regular Guy.

Hi, Andrew! Tell us a little bit about your favorite running partner.

We adopted Lily from our local Humane Society shelter in December 2010. The vet estimated she was a year or so old when we got her, so she's about six now. She's a total mutt, and we've never bothered to find out exactly what she has in her.

Running with dogs
Lily, Furry Friday Feature.

Where is your favorite place to run with your pooch?

Lily and I run in our neighborhood on the Raritan Bayshore, with gorgeous views of New York City over the water.

Tell us about a running moment that made you proud.

I am training to run the New Jersey Marathon for the second time, this time for a cause. I'm raising money for the Long Branch Concordance Family Success Center, a social-services agency located in the race's host city. You can find more info about the LBC at and sponsor me at
It's a great local cause in a town that means a lot to me!

Lily and Andrew selfie!

What important running (or life) lesson can we learn from our dogs?

Lily would be the first to tell you that no matter what else is going in your life, a run always makes things better.

Do you want to tell us anything else about you or running with your dog?

​I wrote a humorous piece about running with Lily about a year ago at

Snow run!

You can follow Andrew on Twitter at @FitRegularGuy, Facebook or on his blog Fitness for the Regular Guy. Thanks Andrew for sharing Lily with us. Good luck in the New Jersey marathon!

Do you have a dog who runs? Would you like to be featured with your favorite furry four-legged running partner? Just fill out this form to be considered for a future Furry Friday feature.

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Does your running partner have four legs

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hot Tips for Cold Weather Running $50 Giveaway

Disclosure: Sports Authority provided me a gift card to shop for Under Armour apparel; however, all opinions are my own. If I hated it, I'd tell you. 

If you are a runner you have no doubt heard the runners' motto: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor cold of night...." Wait. I think that one belongs to the US post office, but the runners' creed should be the same.

If you want to keep up your endurance training during the winter months you either have to make peace with the dreadmill or suck it up and run in the cold. The good news is that if you follow a few simple tips you can remain relatively comfortable while running in the cold.

Texas winters can start off pretty mild, but mother nature never fails to let us forget she can drop snow at any given minute. We've been known to have a 70 degree week followed immediately by a snow and ice storm. I was growing quite complacent with the mild weather when I saw the forecast for the next week and realized I was completely unprepared for the inevitable cold. Cold or not, my training must go on.

I teamed up with Sports Authority and Under Armour to get decked out for my cold weather runs. Under Amour has their Cold Gear line of technical workout apparel that is perfect for cold weather running. I am also giving away a $50 Sports Authority gift card to get you started with your own cold weather running wardrobe.


1. Dress in synthetic layers

The rule of thumb is to dress as it is 10-20 degrees warmer than the current temperature. You may be a little cold at the start, but should be warmed up by the end of your first mile. A big mistake that people make is that they over dress and end up too warm and uncomfortable. If you wear a pullover or zip-up over a synthetic blend base you can shed layers as you warm up. Look for wicking fabrics that pull moisture away from the body to keep you warm and dry.

Tip: I like to run loops past my house so I can drop off layers as I pass my front porch.

2. Cover your head, fingers (knees) and toes

It may sound like a children's song but it is important to cover exposed skin. We can lose a lot of heat through our extremities so a hat and mittens go a long way in keeping us warm in cold temperatures.

Tip: I like to wear tops with a neck gaiter so I can pull it up over my mouth and nose during those extremely cold temperatures.

cold weather running checklist

3. Wear fitted bottoms

Wear clothing that fits close to the body for the perfect combination of insulation and breathability. In extremely cold weather you can wear a loose fit layer over your tights. 

4. Avoid cotton socks

Cotton absorbs water which makes for a poor environment for your feet when you sweat. In order to keep your feet warm, dry and blister free, wear synthetic blend socks that wick moisture away from the skin. Just say no to cotton. Friends don't let friends wear cotton socks. This is your brain on cotton (Ok, that last one didn't work).

5. Warm up indoors

Take five to ten minute and warm up indoors before heading out for a cold weather run. You want to get blood flowing to your muscles in preparation for your workout. Some jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks (dynamic stretches) should do the trick. If you like Yoga, a few sun salutations will help get those muscles warmed up before your run. It may take a little longer in extremely cold weather so it is important to warm up indoors to prevent injury.

Tip: Dynamic stretching can be more effective for a pre-run warm up than static stretching. Save the stretch and hold (static) stretches for after your run. 

6. Stay hydrated

It is easy to forget to hydrate in cold weather, but it is just as important as in warm weather.  Hydrate early and often during cold weather runs.

Please use common sense. If it is dangerously cold, extremely snowy or icy then it probably is best to take your workout indoors or take a rest day. Stay safe, my friends!

thumbs up for thumb holes!
Who wants to win a $50 Sports Authority Gift card so you can buy your own Under Armour cold weather gear? Enter below!

Sports Authority Fort Worth

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