Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lorna Jane Active Nation Day

A couple of years ago I was presented the opportunity to work with Lorna Jane Activewear. I didn't know much about them at the time. I looked at their online store and thought their clothes were cute so I agreed to work on a project in exchange for apparel.

Over time I really fell in love with the brand and what they stand for. Lorna Jane's 'Move Nourish Believe' campaign aligns perfectly with my own fitness values. I wrote a couple of sponsored posts for them over the years, but it was during that time I became a true customer and supporter of the brand. My Lorna Jane pieces are some of my favorites, so when I want to look great for a photoshoot or an event I almost always choose Lorna Jane. A quick glance at my Instagram account or even my personal training website, you will see Lorna Jane well represented. It's not because they paid me or gave me clothes for a campaign, but because I am an ongoing customer and enthusiastic fan of the brand. I even met Lorna Jane Clarkson at an event in Dallas earlier this year. This is not a sponsored post.

I was really excited to learn about Active Nation Day at Lorna Jane. Active Nation Day is September 27th and was created by Lorna Jane to inspire women to connect with their communities and live a more active life. I decided to drag hubby down to the Lorna Jane store in the West Village (Dallas) to make my Active Nation Day pledge.

Make an Active Nation Day pledge and share your promise on social media using the #activenationdaypromise. Here is mine on Instagram. I commit to regular 5am workouts. I've been sleeping in too many days lately.

While I was at the store I ended up buying this cute royal blue tank and a pair of color block capris. I seriously love this bra but I didn't buy it because I decided to buy a second tank instead. I can't just buy everything in the store (as much as I'd like to).

What is that one thing you want to commit to (or recommit to?) Is it to move more? To train for a race? To get up early to workout? To inspire others? To love your body? Whatever it is, write it down to make your pledge! Then (if you live near a store) visit a Lorna Jane store to present your pledge and receive a free active living bracelet as a visual reminder of your commitment.

my active living pledge bracelet. 
Then don't forget to get moving on Active Nation Day! Share your activities with the hashtag #activelivingday #lornajane to connect with a large community of women who are committing to stay active.

My Lorna Jane haul. I need to go back for that bra, don't I?

How will you be moving for Active Nation Day?

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