Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The (Not-So) Secret to Workout Motivation

Good morning, friends! I wrote a new post over on my new fitness trainer site in an attempt to drive some traffic over there. I will still be blogging regularly here, but I will be incorporating some workout "tips and tricks" over on the new fitness trainer blog. You can read more about my new fitness business venture here.

Last night it took me about an hour and a half to write the blog post and just as I was finishing up, I thought it looked like there was too much space at the bottom.

"Would you like to delete this block? This can not be undone"

I clicked yes because I thought I was deleting an empty block and poof, the last hour and a half of my life was deleted. I seriously just wanted to cry and throw a temper tantrum, but I pulled up my big girl pants and wrote it again. (OK, maybe I cried a little.)

I'd love it if you would head over and check it out.

"People often ask me how I stay motivated to workout and the truth is that there are times that I am not motivated at all. Sometimes at 5:30am or after a long day at work, I feel more inclined towards a Netflix marathon than training for a real one.

Trainers don't have some special motivation gene that keeps us going. There is not some secret to exercise motivation that will change everything. Here's my big secret..." read more.

Thanks for all your support, friends!

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  1. Loved this!! Netflix always sounds like a better option than working out.. but you have to over come it and just do it !

  2. Loved this!!!! So hard but the key is to remain consistent!

  3. Loved the article Lea! I would also love to chat about how you have/are starting your bootcamp. I'm working working on doing the same. So exciting!


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