Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sweat in Style: Tennis Skirt, Anyone?

Welcome to the first edition of a new series called Sweat in Style! I love fashion. I have worked in the fashion industry for most of my professional career, so I was excited about the prospect of a blog series that combines my love for fashion with my love for fitness.

I am always looking for creative ways to sneak my workout clothes into my corporate work attire, like wearing my running tights under a dress or wearing a sweater over a workout tank. I love the concept of Ath-leisure, workout clothes intended to wear as everyday clothes, but we just do that anyways, right?

Some might wonder why I spend a lot of money on something that ultimately gets sweaty and stinky? I love the way I feel in workout clothes. I feel more alive with a ponytail, no makeup and dripping with sweat than I do all dolled in lipstick & high heels. There is something about working out, and the cute clothes that go with it, that makes me feel really connected to who I am. When I am sweating, that is a real me. Sure, I love pretty clothes, hair products and lipstick, it just always feels a little like I am playing dress up, with the real raw sweaty me hiding somewhere underneath. Wearing cute workout clothes is how I like to dress up. Plus there is no better boost of motivation to hit the streets or the gym than to break in a new outfit or pair of shoes!

Let's kick off the new series with one of my favorites outfits. You may recall this outfit from the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. Hubby and I ran it together, it was his first half marathon (and probably his last). Crossing the finish line while holding his hand was one the highlights of my year!

The Tank: Burnout Tank by Shine Athletica

Full disclosure: The tank is by Shine Athletica (which is owned by my friend) and I help them with their social media and their ambassador program. In exchange for my social media services, they produce my blog tank. When you buy this tank I make a few bucks, but no one is getting rich from doggy shirts. It is just a fun way to help offset some of my blog expenses.

I love these burnout tanks from Shine Athletica. In addition to the "My Running Partner has Four Legs" tank that they produce for my blog, they offer a variety of inspirational messages on these burnout tanks in seven vibrant colors! Purchase here.

The Running Skirt: BCG Layered Skirt from Academy

OK technically this is a tennis skirt from Academy Sports & Outdoors' private label brand, BCG. When I saw it hanging there in the store, I rationalized my purchase of a tennis skirt by figuring an activewear skirt that is appropriate for tennis would surely work for running. It has built in shorts, is made from polyester/spandex and has wicking technology to pull moisture away from your body. Sounds just like a running skirt to me. It held up great for 13.1 miles in the Pittsburgh half marathon, and now I am motivated to pick up tennis again, just to make good use of the tennis ball pockets inside. Purchase here.

Thanks for hanging out with me for my first post in the new series, Sweat in Style! A big thanks to Stephanie Drenka Photography for the photoshoot.

Do you love workout clothes like I do? What are some of your favorite brands? Stayed tuned for more fashion fitness fun.

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    my fave brand went out of business (dirty red skirts) so I am always looking for new and flattering and...pink :-)


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