Sunday, May 24, 2015

Let's Go Streaking! Are You In? #RWrunstreak

Its that time of year again...time to go streaking! Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean run streaking, of course. Every summer Runner's World hosts a summer run streak and invites us to run at least one mile a day from Memorial Day to fourth of July. That's 41 days of running!

I always participate in the streak because it is a little boost of motivation to get me through most of the summer. When I don't feel like running (and let's face it, that happens to the best of us), I just tell myself I need to get in my daily mile in order to continue the streak. Sometimes that one mile turns into two or three (or six) but of course, sometimes it is just a mile, we all need our rest days.

Getting out the door is so often the hardest part, so committing to one mile keeps me consistently lacing up those shoes. And this year I have a treadmill in the #Shredshed, so there is really no excuse not to keep it up.

With the Pittsburgh half marathon behind me and Vegas Rock 'n Roll half not happening until November, I am actually easing up on the running this summer to focus on strength training, but I love the idea of getting in at least a mile each day. It keeps me moving forward, no matter where the needle falls on my personal motivation scale.

I've participated in years past with varying levels of success, but I was most successful when I followed these self-imposed rules:

1. Make Your Own Rules
Runner's World has a nice little FAQ page outlining the guidelines for the streak. Can I walk my miles? Runner's World says no. I say yes. Why not? I know it's technically a running streak, but sometimes my body needs a break. It's not like the Runner's World streak police are lurking in the bushes making sure you didn't walk. Do what works for you.

2. Use the Term 'Streak' Loosely
Call me a rule breaker, but I think of it like this: If I run 9 days in a row then some event beyond my control, like a wine hangover bad allergies, prevent me from continuing the streak, should it really be game over? Again, I say no. Pick it back up where you left off. After all, what is better? At the end of 41 days to say you ran 8 days in a row and quit the streak? Or to say you ran 38 days? Let's just do the best we can. #wycwyc

3. Listen to Your Body
The streak is meant to be fun. No streak is worth risking injury. If your body tells you to rest, then rest. Run. Run/walk. Walk or rest. Whatever works for you. Don't attempt to run through pain for the sake of a streak.

4. Be Social
Look at me, the self-proclaimed introvert telling you to be more social! It's the social part that makes it the most fun for me! The truth is, I probably don't know a single person in my real life (other than hubby) who has even heard of the Runner's World Run Streak, let alone is participating in it. That's where my million of internet friends come in. Use hashtag #RWrunstreak on Twitter and Instagram when bragging reporting your daily miles, then check out the other people running the streak using the #rwrunstreak hashtag and support them too! Who knows who you might motivate with your posts.

5. Have Fun!
The most important take away is that this is all meant to be a fun way to keep you fit and motivated over the summer and connect with an amazing online community.

In the beginning you will be fueled by the excitement of a new challenge, but after a few weeks when the novelty wears off, that's when the habit of running a mile every day will take over and will bring you through to the end. Together, we can do this!

Remember the enthusiasm our four-legged running partners have for running!

Will you do this with me?

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  1. Awesome! I was wondering when the next starting! I am in the middle of triathlon training so I 100% agree with walk days counting for the streak ;) happy streaking!!!

  2. THE CHILD AND I ARE IN IN IN. we runwalkdanceskipSTREAK.


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