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Feature Friday! Ellen and CrossFit and Ghosts, Oh My!

I am so very excited to introduce you to my friend Ellen. We are in-real-life (IRL as the kids say) friends that work for the same company. Ellen is wicked funny, smart and talented. When she told me she was starting a new fitness blog a few weeks ago I was instantly excited about devouring all the amazing content she has yet to create. She is multi-talented as a writer, photographer and graphic designer, so I have no doubt her fitness blog will be raging success! I begged her to let me feature her on my blog so you can all love her as much as I do!

Hi, Ellen. Tell us about your new fitness blog.
Lea! I'm so excited about launching the Matthew Effect this week! This blog is actually a series that explores the Matthew Effect concept and how it shapes our lives. Season One, "HEAVY," is 22 anecdotal episodes about overcoming obstacles through working out, eating clean, and changing my mindset. This season will chronicle my successes and failures inside these 22 weeks, feature flashbacks from my past, and glimpses into the future to help become a stronger, healthier humanoid. Overall, my goal is to help someone who feels hopeless know that "fate" doesn't have to win, even if that someone is only me.

Follow along at:
Instagram @themattheweffectseries

This seemed like the best picture to introduce you to my friend Ellen (and Voldemort).

What's your favorite way to workout?
I cannot answer this enthusiastically enough - CrossFit! I have joined the cult that is CrossFit about 2 months ago and have enjoyed every sweaty second. My workout history has included personal training, running, 5ks, etc. and CrossFit simply wins for me. It's my jam. The intensity matches my soul. All hail CrossFit!

What's your favorite way to unwind/relax?
I love water. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling whenever you can't turn off your brain. For me, swimming, going to the aquarium, or taking a long bath is how I can tune it all out. I also may have watched the Little Mermaid a few too many times...

What is your favorite workout song or music genre?
Four questions in and my nerd is already showing. I'm so embarrassed by both of my answers! Ok - here goes. I love talk radio. On my walks, I listen to episodes of This American Life or Serial. I love stories. That's not even the bad answer though. If it has to be a music answer, it's show tunes hard core. My sisters and I grew up on musicals and we were not shy about singing along. It gives me energy and if I need to get pumped up - that's what I listen to. I hope my box never asks me to pick that day's music.

Tell us something you are proud of (brag a bit here!)
I lost 22 pounds in the past 6 weeks! I have a long way to go, but that's a good start. Yahoo! I haven't been even close to perfect, but I have been working very hard with fitness and my eating. It's been an interesting start, to say the very least. I hope I get to keep bragging!

What motivates you to keep going?
Without a doubt, my future. I care about becoming a healthy person; I won't be able to do everything I want in life if it's cut short.

What advice can offer someone just starting out?
Step 1: Talk, talk, and talk some more. If you are find someone who is already doing something that you think you might be interested in, talk to them about it. I probably talked to 5 people about CrossFit before I signed up (my BFF Ryan, my dad, and so on). It's funny you mention this one because, Lea, you were one of those people I leaned on for information. Joining CrossFit was SUCH a mental hurdle for me and you were someone who calmed those fears. So, thank you!

Step 2: Just go. Make it easy on yourself. Find out what's holding you back. Scared about being in a new surrounding? Nervous about making a fool out of yourself or failing? Push the pause button on those fears and just try it once. It's all down hill from there. I promise.

Step 3: Focus on long term, not short term. You may not see improvement every week, but if you keep at it, changes will follow.

Cheering/supporting at the Dallas marathon!

What is your personal motto/mantra?
Demand Results.
I say that to myself daily. For someone who loves to think of creative excuses, I am learning to put myself in the position to where results are mandatory.

What would we find in your fridge right now? 
I'm a very proud owner of a clean-eater's fridge. I have only ice and ice packs in my freezer. My fridge has only fresh veggies and fruit in there at the moment. I keep a very low stock of food in my fridge and buy what I need for that week. Nothing more, nothing less. Eliminates poor choices for me.

What is your favorite guilty indulgence?
Tacos. I love tacos. My bestie, Ryan (who is also a fitness blogger), and I had a Taco Tour around Dallas and it was amazing. #tacos4lyfe You can find her on Tumblr, actually, at She's the I highly recommend Ryan because she's wonderful and is a pro at picking friends... like me. Sorry, what was the question again? I got lost on my Ryan tangent.

Ellen and Ryan

Surprise us with a fun fact about you.
I have a ghost in the family! I've been studying my personal genealogy and legend has it that my great (x7) grandfather, Colonel Michael Swoop, haunts his house in Alexandria, Virginia. Long story short, this Revolutionary War veteran doesn't care for British people in his house.

Oh yeah, we can't finish this without talking about your dog. I know Hubert is not much of a runner, but tell us about your favorite four-legged friend! Oh Hubert. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Hubert Dog (Huberto, HB, puppy bear) is my favorite person in the whole wide world. He is an 8 year old Shih Tzu / Lhasa rescue pup whose tongue is permanently out of his mouth. Hubert takes awhile to trust humans, but once he let's you into his heart he is the BIGGEST cuddle bug. I would take him absolutely everywhere if I could. If Hubert was a person, he'd be the well dressed Englishman in a bow tie with nerd glasses and a briefcase. He's a classy gent. That naps a lot. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. I hope he lives to be 104.

Thank you for having me and supporting my launch of the Matthew Effect Series!

me and Ellen hard at work!
Thanks, Ellen. You rock. Now everyone, please go check out Ellen's blog and follow her on Instagram. <--- seriously, go click away! Leave her a comment here and tell her how cute you think Hubert is!

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  1. Great feature! :D Congrats on all your progress with your fitness journey so far! :]! That's awesome advice for people just starting out, I like your personal motto! :D

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