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Furry Friday Feature: BlogFest Edition

Welcome to a very special edition of Furry Friday Feature, when once a month I introduce you to a four-legged runner and their favorite human! I usually have a list of standard questions that are asked and answered, but this month is extra special. Why, you ask? Because I am going to BlogFest!

I did something totally weird and out of character for me. When I signed up to attend BlogFest in Los Angeles this year they gave us an option to sign up with a BlogFest buddy. They offered to pair first-timers (me!) with bloggers who have attended BlogFest in the past. Like any good introvert, I usually like being left alone, but I thought maybe a nice blogger buddy would help break the ice all around. Then, the most amazing thing happened. They paired me with someone I already knew (Hallelujah!). Well, someone I know in the online world, at least. We were even already personal Facebook friends. It is Christiana from Spilling Coffee N' Dropping Things. <-- best blog name ever.

Since Christiana is a dog lover and runner too, I decided to let her take over my Furry Feature this month, so that you can meet my BlogFest buddy and learn more about Christiana and her awesome blog. I am thrilled to introduce you to Christiana and Lefty!

Who are you? Tell us in a brief paragraph who you are / what city you live in / what you blog about?

Hello Lea!! I am Christiana of Spilling Coffee N' Dropping Things! I first heard about you and your blog when I started tracking the Virtual 4.0 b'day Run you did, and it was awesome! What a great giveaway and a FUN run!!! I am a wife, new mommy to my fur baby Yorkie "Lefty", secretary to a busy Physical Therapy office, and I piano teach some on the weekends. I love fitness blogging because I'm a Fitness Enthusiast, but I don't find enough time to blog as much as I'd like to! I love living in L.A. and blog about "what I think about while running" or practicing Yoga, and reviewing gyms, products, and gear.

What was the last health/fitness milestone you crushed?

I lost 40lbs in '07, I ran a 10k in Congo in '08, and got into bootcamps and started running again. I did my first Mud Run and my first Virtual run with YOU both last year! I also just completed the Shaw Academy Personal Nutrition Certification course. Lately, I'm a new fan of Yoga because I got serious about the Prana/FitApproach TAKE THE LEAP challenge and WON AND I really got into it!! Yoga has really helped me relax, has helped me slow down and meditate more, and helped with my mindset and contentment as we start a family.

What was your favorite part about BlogFest last year?

The friends I met and the wonderful tips I got and all the notes I took as I learned so much. I networked too and had fun at the expo too.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life and why?

My mama. Mother of 8, she has always loved nutrition, walking, yoga, and is so sweet and calm:) My older sis too - mother of 4, home business in nutrition, loves Zumba and she no longer has to fight CFS because of her nutritional supplements she takes and sells.
What advice do you have for anyone coming to BlogFest this year?

Carpool or stay near the center (I don't like paying for expensive parking lol). Nah that's ok, it was worth it! Take notes, bring business cards, and soak it all in.

What makes you blog? And why fitness?

My granny wrote over 30 books. My mama has just published a book. My younger sister writes for an ad agency. We all love reading, writing, journaling, and some of us blog. I love it because it's therapeutic, and people always told me I should write or blog. I love helping others and motivating women who are like me. I survived depression and can help with weight loss or those looking to fight anxiety etc. Health, Nutrition and wellness are the things that took me out of my depression, off the couch and into the gym, and I am forever grateful. I hope to one day be certified to teach group exercise and/or spin and Les Milles classes. Thanks Lea!! Can't wait to meet you in person!!

Thanks to Christiana and Lefty! You can follow Christiana over on her blog Spilling Coffee N' Dropping Things and on Instagram.

Are you going to BlogFest? Will I see you there?

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  1. How fun to meet your blogfest buddy! And Lefty is adorable, too! Have a great time together.


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