Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Runner Girl

Hi, Friends. Welcome to the latest edition of Throwback Thursday. Throwback Thursday is a semi-regular post where I dig deep in the archives (you know, way back to last year) to share a post that you may have missed the first time around.

It's been a while since I've done a throwback Thursday post, but for Valentine's Day instead of trying to re-invent the V-Day wheel, I figured we would throwback to last year when I wrote a post about what you think you should get the runner lady in your life, and what you should actually get her.

In honor of Throwback Thursday I also like to share a self-indulgent throwback picture. This is one of my favorites. Who would have thought these kiddos from opposite coasts would find each other in Texas, fall in love and get married?

I'd love it if you would click over and check out my Valentine's Day Gift Idea post.

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  1. I made a point to pin this on Pinterest to my running board and send it to my wife.I'm truly eager to see what she's got planned for this present year,yet I'm pretty sure its not a pedicure.That does sound kind of awesome,particularly since I have absolutely miserable heels that I've been afraid to do anything with since I've begun running. :)

    John Walker.


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