Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oops I Did it Again....The Unsexy Journey of Weight Maintenance

I am really good at losing weight. I mean, really good. I would say I am an expert in weight loss. But I am not bragging. Quite the opposite, in fact. The reason I am so good at losing weight is because I have done

Losing weight is the easy part. It's the weight maintenance that proves to be the struggle for me. Anyone who has known me for 10 years or more has certainly seen the fluctuation several times over the years. And that is just not healthy.

I have an all-or-nothing brain. When I need to lose weight, I switch to the "all" brain. I exercise a lot. I eat whole natural foods, almost exclusively. I'm very rigid. Give me 12-14 weeks under these circumstances and the weight just falls off. Done. Except I never am.

Over time, my "all" brain relaxes a bit and my "nothing" brain takes over. Maybe it is a year later, maybe during a good time, even two. Inevitably the weight comes back. Slowly over time, whether we are talking about 10 extra pounds or 20, it always seems to creep back.

After about a year of being unhappy with my weight, I did it again. I lost it. Well, most of it. I am feeling pretty good now. I feel like old myself again. I tried to be more aware of my usual pitfalls and I lost the weight with a little less of the crazy-brain this time. I really tried to practice moderation, rather than my usual one-track-health-mind, and low and behold, I still lost the weight.

Oops, I did it again. I lost the weight. Now will you join me on the completely unsexy journey of weight maintenance?

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  1. OMG! you are so right. All the hoopla and excitement and flattery and attention just fades to GREY when the weight goal is achieved and you are sorta doing maintenance by yourself and without any fanfare. This is actually one of the reasons I went to work part time for Weight Watchers as a meeting room receptionist and 24/7 chat line agent. I lost my weight (the last time) with WW and love their programs and find that being in the thick of it really helps keep my head in the game. I am not perfect at it by any means, because, like you, I tend to be ON or OFF but this does really help me. I wish you well... what changes in your daily routine and your 'spaces' are you making to help your success this time?

  2. Hi, Elle! I think it is as much as not letting my "all" brain take over as not letting my "nothing" brain take over. True moderation. :) thanks, as always, for your support!

  3. I hear you! My weight gets crazy--especially when I am in training for a BIG race. I gain muscle but I also fuel and eat more to keep me on those long runs...I'm trying to find a way to be more methodical for my next marathon! Let's be unsexy and maintain our weight together...because that's the hardest thing! :)

  4. Balance, I need balance! I've been running more, training more, doing different things like spinning and kick boxing and yoga and and AND eating more! I hate this it's like I use to only eat one time during work that was lunch not snacks, just didn't want them, then bam that all I want to do. I can eat a hand full of almonds and 5 minutes later I want more or I think hummm what else can I eat..... Vicious cycle is what it is!


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