Sunday, January 4, 2015

Intro Vlog: Meet Lea, 41 Seconds of Awkward

I realized today that the "Meet Lea" video that I had on my left side bar was really old. It was recorded almost two years ago when I changed my blog name from Running for Dummies to Running with Ollie. I can't believe how quickly time flies. Two years later a video explaining that I changed my blog name really didn't make any sense when I'm sure most people barely remember that old blog.

Since Sunday is my hair washing day (seriously. don't ask.) I thought today would be a good day to record a new video. I am terribly awkward in front of the camera. I am barely good at talking to people in real life, so the added stress of the "red light syndrome" doesn't help. In the past, I have recorded literally 50 videos before I could come up with 30 seconds that didn't completely embarrass me I didn't hate. Today I was feeling a little less patient, so this is only my second take. Hope you like it, it will be on my sidebar for at least two years! Sit back and enjoy 41 seconds of awkward...I mean awesome.

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  1. LOVELOVELOVELOVE not awkward :-)


  2. Nice job. Not Awkward at all and I loved HEARING your voice.

  3. Great Vlog! Nice to meet you and hear your voice :)

  4. That wasn't awkward at all. Short and simple. :)


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