Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Backyard Shed Gym

Hubby and I live in a little old house on about a 1/2 acre of land. We have little house on a big lot. We are just two people and a dog. We have three bedrooms, one bath and about 1500 sq. ft. Hubby converted the garage into a drum studio/practice space/collectors showcase.

This was our starter home, but room by room, piece by piece, in over 10 years, we remodeled every inch of this old house. People often walk into our home and say that they never imagined that the inside of our house would look like it does based on the outside. Nestled inside this unassuming old house, we built our dream home.

Of course, sometimes we wonder if we are growing out of this house. It seems there is never enough space to store anything. Where do we keep the Christmas tree? The closets, built in the '50s, are so small. Winter clothes/summer clothes and skinny clothes/fat clothes don't all fit in the closets at the same time. It is on constant rotation. My husband's shoe collection (yes, collection is the right word) puts most women's shoe wardrobes to shame. We just have so much stuff. Every so often we start toying with idea of moving into a bigger house. But with every detail exactly as we designed it, we feel like we have put too much into this house, we just couldn't walk away. Why would we want to? For bigger closets or more places to store our junk? For a second shower and toilet to scrub? A bigger mortgage payment? No thanks.

When the subject of space (or lack-there-of) comes up we often just conclude it is time to declutter. We don't need a bigger house, we need less stuff.

You may remember my post about setting up our home gym. We had a lot of gym equipment laying around and we bought a few things to complete our home gym. What I didn't really mention is that we really don't have the room for home gym. As you can see in the pictures, we set up our equipment on the back deck for sort of a backyard bootcamp. It works fine, but I don't like not having mirrors to check form, and then the weather can be an issue, as well as the daylight. I wished we had space in our house to build our gym!

I really don't remember how we even came up with the idea, but we started looking at backyard sheds. You wouldn't believe how nice they make these sheds. After a ton of research, the one we landed on looks like a back house. It will be wired with electricity for lights, power outlets, and air conditioning. It really was an incredible price, much less than it would cost to do an addition on our house to add the extra space.

our future backyard "shed" gym
We are building a gym in our back yard! They will build it in about two weeks and from there we will have to get it wired up, lay the floors, etc. I hope to be up and running with our home gym in about a month.

I'll be purchasing a treadmill for our new gym. Do you have any suggestions for a quality treadmill?

Stay tuned for progress and the final pictures!

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  1. What a great idea and pretty cute too! I used to have a PRO FORM treadmill. Probably cannot get the same model anymore but I liked it because: the track was wide and long enough for me to feel comfortable running on without feeling that my stride was constricted; if felt secure and stable under my feet; I liked the look of the 'dashboard' and it had features I actually wanted to use; it wasn't noisy and didn't squeak or whine as I ran on it.... I would never buy one without trying it out first... hope you find one that is perfect for you!

    1. thanks! that sounds exactly like what I am looking for - I am nervous about one being too noisy or rattly. thanks!!


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