Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Picture This: The 20 Most Delightful Ollie the Dog Pictures of 2014

I am not above pimping Ollie out for monthly page views and nothing drives page views quite like a top 20 list of adorable pooch pictures. I decided my year-in-review post would be a year of Ollie. Here is the best of Ollie's year in pictures: The 20 most delightful Ollie pictures of 2014. I hope you had a year that was half as great as his.

#20. Selfie fail.
#19. Yes, I am cute.
#18. I high-five for treats. Only for treats, though. Don't push it. 
#17. My favorite toy/treat. You can eat it too! I swear! 
#16. A dog's life.
#15. Did you say a right or a left at the light?
#14. Fine, you drive. I like the wind in my ears.
#13. Please take me for a run, mama. Please! I'll love you forever!
#12. The dirtiest I got all year.
#11. I sure do like this butt pillow mama got for me. 
#10. Don't do things that make me mad (like take my picture) or I'll give you the stink eye. 
#9. Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding. I love you. Can we go for a run now?
#8. Ollie-Wan Kenobi 
#7. Worn out after a run.
#6. What you talkin' about mama?
#5. I like to play! 
#4. Play hard. Rest hard.
#3. What?
#2. Selfie

#1. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family (including your four-legged family members) from Running with Ollie blog! What is your favorite Ollie picture of 2014?

Does your running partner have four legs

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  1. I love number 12 where he is really dirty, that's how I know my dogs had lots of fun on our run!

  2. Aww...LOVE that mutt! Merry Christmas Ollie! And to your humans too! XOXOXO, Love Calypso the Wonder Mutt

  3. So many great pics from Ollie! I love the high five (#18), and I'll admit that the butt pillow (#11) totally made me LOL. Oh and #9, too!!


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