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Furry Friday Featuring Carter & Ellie (Run Bear Run!)

Happy furday Friday, friends! Welcome to the latest edition of Furry Friday Feature. Once a month on a Friday, I feature a furry four-legged runner and their human, because it's a sure crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves to meet these dogs who run.

Now let's get straight to business! I am pleased to introduce you to Carter and Ellie from Run Bear Run. Carter has a great blog that is the perfect mix of running and humor.

Ellie showing her gratitude after her first ever run!

Hi, Carter. Tell us a little bit about your favorite running partner.
Her name is Ellie - she's a rescued black Labrador with a little bit of something else mixed it. She's six months old, so her running adventures have only just begun!

She's a bundle of energy and always enthusiastic, but the best thing about her is that unlike so many dogs of her age, when we go out to run, she knows she's on a ʺmissionʺ. No chasing squirrels. No stopping to smell a bush. We're out to run, and she knows it!

Where is your favorite place to run with your pooch?
My favorite place to run with Ellie is Trinity Trails in Fort Worth. It's a stunningly beautiful trail.

We typically start at the University Drive bridge and head north to Trinity Park, where we detour through the park itself. It's always beautiful, there are tons of other friendly people and four-legged friends.

Ellie's favorite spot is the duck pond, although she's a real trooper - she just observes them as we run past, instead of chasing after them.
Running makes Ellie happy!

Have you ever raced with your dog? 
I haven't raced with Ellie yet (she's a bit too young), but as soon as she's old enough I'd love to try a 5k with her. She's fantastic about staying on pace with me.

Tell us about a running moment that made you proud.
My proudest moment so far is completing the Dallas Tough Mudder this past October. That ~10 mile course was the farthest I've ever run by far, and I did the entire thing (obstacles and all) without stopping or walking. That's actually what kickstarted my latest adventure: training for the Cowtown Half Marathon, with the view towards running a Full Marathon soon after and, eventually, completing an Ironman triathlon.

Ellie with her mama (Carter's wife and fellow runner!)

What important running (or life) lesson can we learn from our dogs?
Ellie has actually taught me two very important lessons about running:

First, you've almost always got a little bit more to give. She lets me know when she's had enough and would like to stop, but no matter what she almost always seems to have a little bit ʺleft in the tankʺ for us to finish up our run. She doesn't quit on her partner.

Second, and probably more important, when you NEED to stop, you need to stop. She is completely unashamed about plopping down in the shade right in the middle of a run if she's just plain out of gas. And guess what? It doesn't ruin her day. She's still happy. That's taught me to enjoy the process more, as opposed to having an ʺall or nothingʺ attitude.

You can follow Carter and Ellie on Run Bear Run or on Twitter

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  1. That's a great life lesson, I have to remind myself of this sometimes, it's okay to not go "all or nothing". As much as I would like too. Beautiful dog!!!


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