Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Empty Boxes November

I like technology as much as the next gal. Technology may fuel me almost as much as my energy gels on a long run. I use the Nike + GPS watch, the Polar Loop daily activity tracker and both of their companion websites. I make running playlists on my iPod and my phone (as a back up in case of a music-less emergency). I've been known to track my calories and daily miles on a few different apps. I even love EveryMove, the app of all apps, which pulls all these devices and apps together. But when it comes to tracking my daily workouts I tend to resort to (and be motivated by) the simple monthly calendar printed out and posted on the fridge. Call it old fashion, but I prefer the pen to paper method for keeping track of my daily workouts.

There is something motivating about seeing the empty boxes of the calendar days and being responsible for making sure they get filled in. My November challenge for myself is "No Empty Boxes November." 

What does that mean, exactly? It is the simple task of filling in the box every day with my workouts. Does it mean I work out like a feign the entire month of November? I say no. I just means that I do something active (and purposeful) each day. That could mean a run or a home gym session. It may mean I pop in a Yoga DVD and it may just mean that I take Ollie for a 30 minute walk.

It's not about killing myself with workouts every day, it's simply taking 30 minutes each day to do something active. Some days will naturally be more intense than others, but every day in November will be an active day, even if it is an active recovery.

I find that when the boxes start to string together with all my activities, I become motivated to make sure there are no empty boxes, even if it just means taking Ollie for a walk at the end of a long day.

No Empty Boxes November.

It's simple.

This is about as non-technical as you can get.

Do you have any November challenges? What are your November goals? More importantly, does anyone print out calendars anymore? 

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  1. Good for you - hope you have a fun and active month!

  2. Oh I LOVE this!!! What an awesome idea! And yes I love technology but I still use the paper and pen calendar! ;-)

  3. I have a calendar on my desk that I write in personal stuff ( doc appts, vacation etc ) because I do not trust the app on my phone to be correct all the time. I also have a sep paper one of my co worker's vacation dates. And when I feel really overwhelmed, I print out a nice, clean, new blank calendar to reorganize it all and I instantly feel better. Not to mention sticky note reminders that I leave on my bathroom sink or dresser... With all this, you would think I was a punctual person....
    Good luck on your goals this month!!

    1. Ha! I also write really important things down on a real calendar because "I don't trust" my gmail calendar either!! LOL


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