Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day #RunningDay

Wednesday June 4th is National Running Day! I've written about some of the silly holidays that are floating around, but National Running Day? This is a real holiday. It is a day for us runners to declare our love for running, as if we don't talk about it enough, right?

Everyone can play. Whether you've been running for years or if you just now decided that National Running Day is perfect day to take up running, you can check out www.runningday.org to see some of the ways you can celebrate National Running Day.
I run for so many reasons that I couldn't possibly sum it up on one badge!

5 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day:

  1. Find a local group run, or if you can't find one in your town, create your own by visiting the National Running Day website.
  2. Connect with National Running Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be a part of all the celebrations. Use hashtag #runningday to participate online.
  3. Run for your favorite charity through Charity Miles. (You can do this every day, not just on National Running Day!)
  4. Customize a National Running Day badge and bib
  5. I can't think of a better way to celebrate National Running Day than by simply hitting the pavement. 

Speaking of holidays, I am still pushing for National Hug a Blogger day.

How are you celebrating National Running Day? Why do you run?

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  1. I am celebrating by heading out tomorrow for a nice quiet run...right after the kids go to school. I need to mentally prepare for summer break and running will help me :)

  2. I run because it is my me time. I allows me to think, to get over stress, to just be.


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