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Cause There Ain't No Party Like a Pin It Party!

I love a good internet party. It removes all the things that I dislike about regular parties: crowds, forced small talk with strangers, and leaving my house (I kid, I kid) and just leaves behind the great thing about parties: interacting with like-minded people about the things I am passionate about!

I am excited that the awesome Lean Green Bean Blog is hosting another Internet Pin It Party! Everyone is invited! You just show up to the party with your best pinable images, hook up at the pin it party, and then interact with the other Pin It partiers. After all, what good is a party without a little social interaction? It is a great way to discover new blogs and interesting blog posts that you may have missed.
If you are not a blogger, did you know that pinning images from your favorite blogs is a great way to support the blogs that you love to read? The easiest, most effective way you can support a blog is to start pinning images in the articles you enjoyed.

First things first. Are you following me on Pinterest? I'll follow you back. I also have a group Pinterest Board called Fitness Inspiration from Friends. If you would like an invite to pin your health and fitness related pins to my group board, just email me at runningwithollie(at)gmail(dot)com with the same email address that you use for Pinterest and I will add you.

So let's start the fun! Thanks to the amazing Lean Green Bean Blog for hosting this Pinterest Pin It Party once again.

All bloggers are welcome to participate! Here’s what you do (from the Lean Green Bean Blog):
  • Round up 5 blog posts you’ve written that you would like to see on Pinterest.
  • Make sure there is a nice, pinnable image or photo included in each post.
  • Write a short post featuring the posts you chose- ie, put 5 nice images & links to the posts all in one place, along with a short description of each post.
  • On Thursday May 22, publish your post, then visit The Bean and add your post to the linkup!
The only rule is that if you link up, you should visit some of the other linkups and pin at least 3 images!

One very important thing to remember:


Pin from the individual post, not the home page.  

When you’re pinning from a blog, make sure you are pinning from the individual post, not the home page. To get to the individual post, click on the title of the post at the top of the blog. If you pin from the home page then the pin will link back to the home page and whatever is the most recent post will be shown (not necessarily the one that was pinned). This becomes an issue when the particular post you intended to pin is buried under a lot of more recent posts.

1. The Truth about Restaurant Iced Tea
It bothers me when I think I'm making a healthful choice and it turns out not to be a good one at all. I'm sure it happens to people all the time. There are tons of processed foods that are labeled with misleading marketing claims that trick well-meaning people into eating less than healthful foods. But not me. I'm pretty knowledgeable about nutrition. I'm no expert, but I know how to read a label, the ingredients, things to try to avoid...etc. So when I get tricked it kind of ticks me off, because I feel like I am less susceptible to these sort of things than the average person. I should know better. What is in the unsweetened iced tea that you order from restaurants? The answer may surprise you.

 2. 25 Tips to Wake Up Early to Work Out
Let's get back on that early morning workout train! The 5am train. You know the one. It comes barreling down the tracks, waking you up out of a deep sleep. Your alarm clock is like an air horn at an intersection. Morning workouts can be like jumping on a moving train, but once you are rolling steadily on those tracks, it's well worth the effort. Click though for my best tips.

3. Runner's Math
Runners aren't exactly known for being good at math. I'm no exception. That's why we wear GPS watches to do all the hard calculations for us. We say and do things that may sound strange to the non-runner or the math-inclined. I call it runner's math. Click over for a chuckle at a runners expense.

4. How to transition from Run/Walk Intervals to running
I am the first person that will scream, "In running, there is NO shame in walking." It is that all-or-nothing attitude that says, "If I can't run the whole way, I'm not doing it at all" that stops people from even trying. Walk if you have to. Crawl if you have to. Just keep moving forward. Most people start in the same place and you have to work through that hard-beginning part in order to become a better runner.

In order to learn to run, most people have to first do running and walking intervals. But once you have been doing it for awhile, how do you make the transition from running and walking to just running? Click over to read my best tips.

5. 10 Misleading Food Marketing Labels
The hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle is wading through all the information (and misinformation) out there. It seems so easy, eat healthful foods and exercise. It's the magic formula for successful weight loss, right? But what sounds easy isn't always simple. What exactly does "eat healthful foods" mean? It can be so confusing with all the mixed messages and misleading food marketing labels. The thing that is most important to understand is that food marketing labels can be deceiving. Foods are being marketed as healthful choices, when in reality they are quite the opposite.

Who is pinning in this party with us?

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I had never heard of a pin it party before. I love all things Pinterest!

  2. pinned the tricks to getting up early! thanks for participating!

  3. I just pinned the getting up early tips, as well as transitioning from run/walking to running! Great posts! :)

  4. Pinning about labels and runner's math! Great stuff!

  5. pinned the tips on getting up early! I am a little afraid of reading the restaurant ice tea post :/

  6. Food labels make me scream!!! People can never learn enough about them. Pinned 10 Misleading Food Marketing Labels! And you are right. There ain't no party like a Pin it Party!!


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