Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

"What I ate Wednesday" has been circulating around fitness blogs for quite a while now. I've always resisted participating because I couldn't help but think, "Does anyone really care what I ate?" Of course you don't. I'll share my dinner plate on Instagram now and again (or every night) but I wasn't sure it was worth a whole blog post. I really make an effort to try not to bore you to death. I hope I've been semi-successful thus far.
I don't know what changed my mind. Maybe I thought someone would want to try my smoothie recipe, or see how easy it can be to throw together a healthy meal at dinner time (although I don't know anything about that, Hubby makes the dinners around here). He makes it look easy.

I had a change of heart and decided to give it a shot. I have to tell you that taking photos of everything that I ate for the day did help me stay on track. It's like a food diary, with pictures. Knowing that I was going to share what I ate made me hyper-aware of what I was eating. Full disclosure: This of day of eating may not be representative of a typical day (but pretty close).
I eat a green smoothie every day for breakfast. This is my favorite mixture.

Pistachios for a mid-morning snack. Objects in picture may have been consumed in larger quantities than they appear.
For lunch I packed a perfectly fine healthy lunch of chicken and tabouleh, but at the last minute made a trip to Chipotle instead and bought a chicken bowl. And oops my calendar proves it's really Tuesday. Busted in a lie. It's not even Wednesday!
Somebody walked up to my desk as I was taking this picture and totally caught me photographing my food. I was sort of embarrassed, but we didn't speak of it. I'm sure she thought I was weird for taking pictures of my carrots.
I was trying to get creative with my carrot picture. They're just carrots, it's hard to make them look exciting.
Baked Swai and brussels sprouts. I never thought I'd say I actually like brussels sprouts, but these were sooo delicious.

When Ollie heard about what I was doing, he wanted to get in on the fun, but then he wouldn't let me anywhere near his food.
What Ollie Ate Wednesday.

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  1. Lea, I'm so glad ou decided to join in on the WIAW fun! It's always lovely finding new meal ideas. You definitely know your a blogger when you start photographing pictures of carrots :) Great eats!

    1. thanks! It was really fun!

    2. I'm sort of iffy about doing WIAW because I feel lik e I already post a lot of food related stuff! But who knows maybe I'll join too :)

  2. I hate it when people catch me photographing my food! Whenever I explain it away... I feel even dorkier. How do you say "I'm just taking pictures for my blog" without sounding incredibly pretentious?!?

    1. ha ha. and it opens a whole new can of worms of questions!


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