Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: How to Start Running Again

Welcome to my monthly series called Throwback Thursday! I take this opportunity to dig deep in the archives and share a blog post with you that you may have missed the first time around. More importantly, I share a totally self-indulgent throwback picture that will make you gush at how adorable I was, laugh at how dorky I was, or be in awe of how big my hair was (or some combination of the three) depending entirely on the decade the photo was taken.

Today, it's a photo from my dorky phase (which may or may not have ended yet). Look at my friend, all pretty and dressed up to celebrate her precious birthday, and what do I show up to the party wearing? Overalls and a plaid shirt!?! Way to make an appearance, Lea! At least I do look genuinely excited to see what is in that package! Maybe it's a My Little Pony! Thanks Lee Anne for sharing this picture with me. Too funny.

Throwback Thursday- BFF edition

The thing I like most about Thowback Thursday is that it gives me the chance to rewrite old blogs, fix old mistakes (ugh, I hate when that happens), and update pictures for Pinterest, because even though I only wrote this blog a year ago, I was able to improve it quite a bit!

This is a blog I wrote for myself after a running slump and honestly, I need to reread it again. It's called How to Start Running Again. I know as well as anyone, it can be hard to get back out there after some time off.  Here are my best tips to get back out there and start running again.

I'd love it if you would click through and check it out!

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  1. The pic is cute! It's so funny how we look back on those pics and are like "what was I thinking" but in all honesty our parents were buying the clothes. It's all their fault! LOL


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