Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Day in the Life: 10 Pictures in 10 Hours

Back in November I did a blog-every-day-in-November challenge and one of the writing prompts was to share your day in pictures by taking one picture every hour for ten hours. I took it one step further by saving the picture as the background on my phone and taking a screen shot of the time each hour. Some of you said you liked it (no, not just my mom) so I thought I would try it again!
Here was my day in pictures: Friday January 31, 2014

8am: Breakfast on the road. Protein shake with organic milk, peanut butter, PB2, chocolate protein powder, half of a banana, and a handful of frozen blueberries, all mixed up with my Nutribullet. YUM-O
9am: I was a little late with my picture. I love my morning coffee in my sock monkey mug. I'll take it black! 
10am: I love the funny sayings from my Runner's High daily calendar. "Pain is temporary but your finish time posted on the Internet is forever." Funny and true!
11:05: Darn it! Late again. I couldn't think of anything to take a picture of and I was in a pinch (I have a job to do, you know!), so I took a selfie. I am much too old to be taking selfies and posting them on the Internet. :) I need chap stick.
12:05: Lunch time! All natural turkey and cheese in between two slices of Ezekiel bread, a Chobani cherry Greek yogurt, and a lime flavored sparkling water at my desk.
1:00: This afternoon got away from me, and one o'clock came and went without a picture. I made up for it by taking a picture of the T.P.S. Report taped up by the copy machine. Oh, you didn't know I worked at Initech? (lol)
2:00: Almost back on schedule at 2 o'clock. Have you noticed that I like monkeys? I never noticed this monkey magnet on the mail room backdoor before! So Cute!
3:00: Three o'clock snack time! Yummy Edamame! Have you noticed that the highlights of my day mostly include food (and monkeys)? The story of my life.
What the heck happened to four and five o'clock? I got so busy, I completely forgot about my little side project.

6:00: Some tunes for the ride home! The Dead Weather!
7:00: A day in my life post is not complete with a picture of Ollie! He is so happy to see me when I get home from work! He listens so well too, my exact command was "be cute."

How was your day?

Keep Running,


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  1. Cool idea! Love the pic of Ollie of course. ;)

  2. The running quote made me laugh. I need to pick up a calendar like that.

  3. Such a cute post. Love the sock monkey mug. I feel like my coffee mugs are so boring. I want some cute new ones.

  4. Super cute idea for "day in the life of.."! I'm pinning this to my blogging board on Pinterest :)


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