Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Dogs Make Better Running Partners than People

Dogs make better running partners than people. Here's why.

I have the best running partner.

1. He never hits snooze on those early morning runs.

2. He never cancels.

3. He always is always enthusiastically ready to run.

4. His schedule never gets in the way of our runs.

5. He never complains.

6. He never talks my ear off about things I don't care about.

7. He always listens when I talk.

8. He is perfectly content with running in silence.

9. He protects me against the dangers on the road (people, dogs, horses, and especially those big dangerous squirrels).

10. He doesn't care about pace. He'll go as fast or as slow as I want and is a born natural at Fartlucks. "Hey, a squirrel, let's run fast to catch him! Hey, this tree smells interesting, let's stop and check it out."

The only downside? I have to pick up his poop! (I don't have that problem with human running partners.)

Does your running partner have four legs? Then check this out!

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  1. Yeah, that POOP thing! hahaha Loved this post, Lea and Ollie, and I definitely agree! I hope 2014 brings you both lots of awesome runs!

  2. Ha! All of those pros with only one con? I'd say that's a win. ;-)

  3. I wish my cat would go running with me! He's more of a sprinter though.

  4. It is pretty tough to run as fast as you go say for 20 seconds and then easy for 10 seconds and keep that up for a couple of mile. Turns into a great workout.

  5. Cute! We have Great Danes (one currently). I used to run with our previous dog Goliath, but have never tried it with Daisy. A great dane isn't the best running partner though, if they cut in front of you, it's bad news!

  6. I love running with my dogs! We had a great run with all 3 of them this morning! Ours love those big dangerous squirrels too. One time we had nuts thrown at us by a squirrel they had treed. I guess the squirrel wasn't amused.

  7. What kind of dog is he? He looks just like my mutt!

    1. He is an English Pointer but I am sure he is mixed with something. We're not sure either!!

  8. AMEN!!! I LOVE running with my black lab!! She's the best partner, and will literally pull me up hills if I try and walk!


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