Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Personal Training Sales Pitch Gone Wrong

Welcome to the December edition of Throwback Thursday. This is a monthly post where we revisit a blog post from the archives that you may have missed the first time around. But first, in honor of Christmas (6 days, people!), let's first revisit little Lea and a Christmas from my childhood. 

Throwback Thursday. Me and Santa circa 1979
It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time that we face the facts that we may have over indulged a bit over the holidays and start planning how to change our ways in January. Last December, on a motivation downswing, I paid a visit to my local LA Fitness to inquire about personal training sessions and encountered quite a nightmare of a sales pitch! After I published my blog about my experience, I couldn't believe all the people who told me that they have had similar awful experiences. Have you ever genuinely wanted to buy something, but then the behavior of the salesperson convinced you not to buy?

I'd love it if you click over to the original post and read about my Personal Training Sales Pitch Gone Wrong.

personal training sales pitch gone wrong
Have you ever had a personal training sales pitch gone wrong? Tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. I just went back and read your other post. I think that guy would have sold me on not buying it either. Coming from past advertising sales and now as a bridal planner, I have found the best pitches are the ones that are effortless, they are the ones that your product or service is exactly what the client needs, I like their questions and comments to be the best part of the pitch, and mine to only be the ones that answer the questions. The best ones are all about the client and their needs. That guy clearly didn't know what you wanted and needed because he never cared to listen to you. The running comment would have made me just walk out the door right there, because that just shows his ignorance and lack of cross training thought. Sorry you had to go through that, but I bet there is another training out there somewhere else that will be perfect for you! Keep looking!!!

  2. Some times sales people will turn me off of their product because they come on to strong. Other times, I just don't like that person's attitude so I will go to another store and buy the item instead. I once had to activate a music store credit card and the "kid" on the other end tried to sell me death insurance so that if I die, my next of kin is not responsible for my debt (all $500 of it!). After telling him "no" several times, he shouts, "Everyone DIES MAME! Your card it now activated" and hung up on me. I assume he works on commission LOL It was the strangest thing I ever encountered. As for your sales guy, I would have stuck it out but got so annoyed and frustrated that I probably would have cried when I left....and not signed the contract either.

  3. Yep, I agree. I hate the sales pitch type 'free' training sessions. Give me a real trainer with some real experience, give me a sample workout, then tell me the rates. That's the best way to get me to sign up!

  4. You are right friend! Sales is always a nightmare when it comes to personal training and I was often faced with such problems that has made me upset many times. There are only quite a few best trainers who can be caught on a deep manual search!

  5. That's right, I concur. I scorn the deals pitch sort preparing sessions. Provide for me a true mentor with some genuine experience, provide for me an example workout, then let me know the rates. That is the most ideal approach to get me to sign up. personal running coach london


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