Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Can't Stop! Welcome to December!

Hi! I know...I know. I finished the blogember blog everyday in November challenge and I know I told you that December 1st would be the first day in more than 30 days that you would not see a blog post from me. Here it is December 1st and I am still blogging! Sometimes when you are on a roll, you just can't stop!

The thing that the blog everyday in November challenge taught me was that every blog post didn't have to be an epic one. I mean, of course, I will always strive to write about the things you care to read about, but the challenge taught me to open up a little more about me.

We put up our Christmas tree today! It seems early, but maybe just because it was nearly 70 degrees in Fort Worth today.

I love our Christmas tree. We don't have one of those, for lack of a better word, classy trees. Our Christmas tree is fun and represents all the things we love about life. It represents happiness and joy in our house. Here is our Christmas tree and some of my favorite ornaments.

Ollie chillin' in the background

DIY Jack and Meg
Peppermint swirl drums
Go Steelers!
Nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader
G is for...our last name
Our little monkey friend
Just some more monkeys
The King!
In remembrance of Jen

Have you put up your tree yet?
Don't forget to enter my Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway! It is ending really soon.
Are you streaking with me from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day? 
What else do you have going on for December? 

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  1. Your tree is beautiful! My favorite part of our tree is the ornaments as well. When we take trips with the kids, we always pick up an ornament as a souvenir, so between those and the ones the kids have made over the years, every ornament tells a story from our life.

  2. Your tree looks wonderful! We put ours up Friday night. Actually my girls put it up. I just supervise. :)

  3. The tree is beautiful. I wish I could see it in person. I have a huge wreath over the fireplace, since we don't do a tree any more. It was a lot more fun when you guys were little. Miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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