Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

Today is the four year anniversary of the day you passed. I miss you a lot, but sometimes I feel guilty that I don't remember to miss you everyday, but I know you wouldn't want that. I always miss you this time of year, especially today. I miss you on your birthday, and when I think about high school. I miss you when I see a Sandblasting van. Is it OK to tell an inside joke here, that only you would get? Of course it is. I miss you when I think about opera day and how we made that everyday. I miss you when I think about Cambodia...and Chi-Chi's. I miss your face. I am laughing and crying right now and it reminds me a little of how we would laugh so hard that we would cry.

I wrote a poem about a dream I had about you a few years ago and I always share it on this day because it means a lot to me. I share it every year to celebrate your life. I miss you, my beautiful friend.

click to read ----->  The Dream about Jen 

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  1. what a nice way to remember and honor your friend :0)

  2. Very nice way to honor your friend... I have friends that have passed show up in my dreams and its a surreal feeling and always wake up in a strange funk....


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