Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Man's Best Friend and Running Partner #Blogember

I can't believe it is November 12th and I am still hanging in there with the (Blogember) challenge to blog every day of November. The secret to my success? Write several blogs over the weekend to stay ahead of the game. It also helps that the host of the challenge provides daily writing prompts.

Blogember Day 12: Your First Pet

I can't just tell you about my first pet. I need to tell you about all the dogs I've ever loved. When I was a little girl we had a German Shepherd named Edgar. He was as tall as me and easily out weighed me, so we would often come eye to eye. I was scared of my own dog. He would yawn and I thought he was trying to bite my face off. It was my responsibility to feed him, but I didn't do such a great job. I didn't like him knocking me over as I tried to pour food in his bowl. As an adult, I realize that Edgar was likely a very sweet dog, he couldn't help his size. He wasn't trying to be a bully, I was just too small.

What a big mouth you have! Better to eat you with, my dear! (Not Edgar but you get the idea.) 
When Edgar died, I didn't notice he was gone from the house for a very long time. I was probably subconsciously happy that I wasn't running into him on a daily basis, or he wasn't running into me. But when I finally asked my mom where Edgar was, she said, "Don't you dare cry, he's been gone a month and it is your job to feed him!" (I can safety assume my parents made sure he was adequately fed.)

I spent most of my life afraid of dogs. I didn't like my friends dogs much and I certainly didn't like when strange dogs barked at me or jumped on me. I remember when I first started running on the streets, I had this paralyzing fear that one of those dogs would jump a fence, or a stray dog would bite me.

The first dog I ever called my own was a Pekinese named Baby. I adopted him later in his life, when he was already 10 years old. He was a bit of a grumpy dog, but he was so small and cute, he was harmless. Hubby always said he was just ticked off that he was boy named Baby. He once bit hubby in the face, so we nicknamed him face. He wasn't much of a running partner, but that little guy could book it. If he would get out, I would have to chase at full speed to catch him. The beginning of my love affair with dogs had begun.

our Pekinese Baby aka FACE
Hubby and I adopted a little black lab girl named Candy. She was a sweet girl, just like her name suggested. She was two when we adopted her from the pound, and she spent the next 13 years being the most grateful loyal dog a family could ask for. Candy was my first running partner. When she was younger, we logged many miles together, and while she was a daddy's girl, Candy and I had a special relationship formed through running. Candy grew old over time and her black hair turned grey (it happens to the best of us). Many years after her prime running years she died of old age at 15. We felt so lucky to have her unconditional love for so many years. I credit Candy for turning me into a bona fide dog lover.

My first running partner sweet Candy
A few years after we got Candy, Hubby did a favor for a friend who was getting a divorce and we took on our second baby, Mattie. Mattie was a giant lovable monster although, she wasn't much of a runner. At more than a hundred pounds, she would tire quickly and lay down in the middle of the street, which caused a major problem since I couldn't lift her. Did I mention she was stubborn? We only did that a couple of times before her running career was over. Mattie died of cancer two years ago, way too young.

Our big baby Mattie
Mattie loved to swim, but good luck getting her out of the water.
Our hearts were broken from the loss of Candy and Mattie in such close proximity and were still getting used to our empty nest without the dogs. We knew we needed time for our hearts to heal. But then Hubby had another friend who asked us if we could take his dog. He had to leave the country to take care of his mother and if he couldn't find a home for his dog, he would have to go to the pound. When we met sweet Ollie, we knew we couldn't stand for that to happen.

We adopted Ollie last year around Thanksgiving. I had no idea I would fall in love so quickly. While no dog could replace our Candy and Mattie, Ollie definitely filled the hole in our hearts. Ollie quickly became my newest running partner and the star of this blog, and our house.

Ollie as a baby.

Ollie always getting in the shot.

Run with me momma.

Handsome boy Ollie

Happy Dog Ollie

Deck Dog Ollie

I had to wipe a tear as I revisited the dogs in my life. I went from being a dog-fearer to a dog-lover because of the unconditional love of these dogs. I loved them all so much.

Tell me about the dog you love in the comments.

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  1. Dogs play such a special role in our lives! I had a dachshund growing up that we loved for years. I wish I could get a dog now, but since I'm not really "settled" into a city or even country yet, it will have to wait. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love dogs SO much. Growing up we always had tons of animals and tons of dogs. One of my favorites was our rottweiler - we would play tug o war with him and he was so strong that he would lift us off the ground with the rope and spin us around in circles! I miss him so much!

  3. Aww love this! I had a dog growing up and had him for my whole childhood but it wasn't until our first of our own that I became a true dog person!

  4. Other than Mitzy in my teenage years, I wasn't a dog-lover. At all. Then I still didn't like dogs (borderline feared them) until we adopted Sallie. Now, I'm a dog-lover, but I definitely prefer small dogs. Big dogs still kind of freak me out.

  5. Lucky you to have known and loved so many nice dogs. I am a huge dog lover... My last precious babe was a beautiful Springer Spaniel I called Scout (Gleneire's Scout's Honor) and she was my baby and my bossy Alpha female friend. She past away at my bedside very unexpectedly late one evening, and the tender age of 7. My husband and I walked around like zombies for almost 2 years. That was 6 years ago and I have not been able to have another pooch in my life permanently... but a big goldendoodle named Kai who we babysat 2 winters helped heal the broken hearts a good deal. Aren't dogs just the best?

    Love and hugs to Ollie, I am so glad you have such a great friend, Lea.

  6. I love this post Lea:) My dogs have never really been great running partners, but my life would be incomplete without them. I grew up with a pekinese mix who lived 16 years I think. Then we had a lab mix named Madi who lived until she was 12. Now I have my 2 sweet sharpeis Rocky and Adrian and they are the best dogs ever. They make me smile all day every day:)

  7. Aww, what a sweet post. We have an almost 14 year old lab and he was so strong and I never could even walk him, he dragged me. We adopted Molly a year ago and she actually likes to run. She's pretty good at it too. Unfortunately, I usually run at 5AM when Molly (and everyone else) is still asleep.

  8. Such a heart felt post! Dogs really do capture your heart and are the best running partners!


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