Friday, November 15, 2013

It's a Simple Truth

Simple Truth from Kroger
When I discover something that I really love, I am always excited to tell you about it. I want you to know that I do sponsored posts and reviews of products from time to time that are provided to me for free, but I will never agree to write about something unless it is something that I genuinely want to try out and would be willing to buy with my own money. I turn down offers for product reviews all the time. It has to be authentic and I would never tell you that I loved something that I didn't. I want to be able to share awesome products with you that I love, but I don't only review products when someone is sponsoring me to do it. I've written product reviews on PB2, La Croix, and the Handful bra because I found these products and loved them so much that I wanted to share it with you, so you could love them too.

I said all of that to say this: I am freakin' in love with the Kroger brand Simple Truth. I wish they would give me free groceries to say that, but the simple truth is, they don't. I'm saying it anyway.

There is a Kroger store within a stone's throw from my house, but we have been grocery shopping at that big box retailer (starts with a W ends with an Art) for a long time. We kind of accepted a long time ago that we had to deal with the crazies and the crowds to get the lowest price for our groceries. We gave up the fancy shopping experience in exchange for the lower prices.

We would often do our big shopping at one place, then stop by Kroger to pick up the things we needed later during the week. This is when I discovered their store brands Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organics.

The thing about marketing on package labels, we all know, is that most of the time you can't trust them. Product labels lie all the time. Repeat after me, Product Labels Lie! They declare things (like Whole Grains, Smart Choice, Healthy, Natural, Sugar Free, or Fat Free) that imply that the product is a healthy choice, but the truth is that when you read the ingredients on the package, they are often far from healthy. It can be very confusing and I am sure well-meaning people fall for these misleading marketing claims all the time.

I read the ingredients of everything. That is not to say I never eat things with poor quality ingredients, because of course I do, it just has become a habit to read the ingredient list on everything I eat. When I first stumbled upon the Simple Truth brand, I liked it because the ingredients matched the marketing. Over time this became a brand that I really trusted. I don't even have to read the ingredient list like a hawk anymore, because I read enough of them over time to realize they were consistent. Now almost every staple in my household has converted over to Simple Truth. The best part is that is that they are not much more expensive than the products loaded with artificial ingredients.

I stopped trying to be one of those "clean" eaters a long time ago. I am way past obsessing over every morsel that goes into my mouth. I try to make good decisions about the things that I eat, but I also choose not to give up anything completely. I regularly eat sugar, grains, carbs and fats. Gasp, I know! (Kidding! Not a big deal people.) I just do my best to eat whole natural foods most of the time and Simple Truth makes that a bit easier.

Over time we started doing double grocery shopping duty. One trip to the big place, then a trip to Kroger to get our Simple Truth products. It is pretty annoying to go grocery shopping twice in one day. Eventually we realized that we really could get everything we needed at Kroger. I think we spend about the same amount as money as we did at the other place, and honestly, if we are paying a little more, I am OK with that since I feel the Simple Truth brand is higher quality.

It was really the Kroger cell phone app that sealed the deal and made Kroger my new grocery store. The app is linked to your shoppers card so the cashier can scan your card right from the app. My favorite part is that there are coupons in the app that you can add to your card, and when you buy that item, the coupon is automatically applied. While I love a good deal and am super frugal, I've never been a couponer because frankly, cutting out coupons, carrying them around, and most importantly, remembering to use them was always way too much of a hassle. Now I scroll through the coupons in the app, add anything that I think I might buy in the foreseeable future, and then when/if I actually do buy it, the coupon is applied automatically at the register when I buy the product. The best part of it is that when Hubby shops alone he can use the coupons too, without even knowing about it (because some men are too cool for coupons).

Kroger App
Kroger App Coupons!
If you want to learn more about Simple Truth you can click on their website to read more about their Organic, 101 Free, and Natural (meat and poultry) product lines.

I live in Texas and we have Kroger here, but I realize there are different grocery store chains in this family across the country. There is a list of the stores that carry Simple Truth on their website.

Tell me what you think! Have you ever tried the Simple Truth brand? What are your favorite food brands that you can trust?

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  1. I gave up that place that begins with a W and ends with art over a year go. Had to for my sanity! I love Kroger's Simple Truth and organics as well. I do not like the parking at our Kroger but everything else is good. I have not tried that app, but I think I will. I love that they mail me coupons for stuff I buy there.

  2. I love that too! especially when it for free stuff that I regularly buy!

  3. I quit shopping at Walmart about 6 months ago because I found that if you aren't buying processed foods (which is really where the cost savings is for Walmart vs. grocery stores) then you really weren't spending any more on groceries at the local grocery store. In fact, there were times when I found that Wal-mart was MORE expensive. Just an example, Walmart sells the little yogurt cups for kids, typically for 2.50 a carton, often it will 2 for 5.00 on the price label. My local grocery store has the same cartons listed for 2.48 but for the longest time I was thinking Walmart was cheaper simply because of the way they listed the price (duh, I know). So after doing price comparisons for about a month, I found I spent the same or less at my local Brookshire's, plus once my points added up, I got a 10 cent per gallon fuel discount. Holla!

  4. I stopped shopping at WM not too long ago as well. I have a subscribe and save list on my Amazon account (dog food at Pet Sense = $38 for 15 lb. bag/ dog food with subscribe and save = $40 for 30 lb. bag). But, of course, I can't buy perishable food to be shipped by UPS. I used to be a big Kroger shopper and have slowly but surely been gravitating back that way. I live in rural Mississippi, so my options are limited, and our local grocery store is high, high, high...broccoli not too long ago was $7 for 2 bunches (not organic or anything special). Anyhoo, on my last trip to Kroger I accidentally discovered Simple Truth. I was suspicious for all the reasons you mentioned and was so glad to see your post!!! I've just downloaded the Kroger app too :) Yay!!!

  5. Didn't know about the Kroger app- thanks for the advice! I buy almost exclusively from their Simple Truth brand, and otherwise shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and my local food co-op. I've definitely been shopping a lot more at Kroger since they launched their Simple Truth line of products!

  6. So excited that you mentioned the Kroger app. I love coupons on my phone because I will never leave them at home. If you shop at Target, try the Cartwheel app.


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