Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Can't Even Spell Epiphany

November 13: An Epiphany You Had This Summer

These writing prompts for the Blogember (blog every day in November) challenge are starting to get really hard. Did I have an epiphany this summer? Can I even spell epiphany? The truth is that I had one so personal, I am not sure I can share it here, or at least I can't share the details of how I came to this realization.

So much of blogging is sharing what you think, but when I think about how the things I write can affect the people in my life, it does change my approach sometimes. If I thought that only strangers would read my blog, I would spill my deepest darkest secrets while writing for the nameless faces of the internet, but knowing that the people who know me might read (and make judgements) keeps me from really opening up sometimes. It is not that I don't tell the truth, it is just that I am guarded with what I share. I think this is probably true of a lot of bloggers.

My Recent Epiphany?

Friends are forever...until they are not. Not all friendships are meant to last. People come into your life for a reason, and leave when their purpose is fulfilled, or when they are no longer adding value to your life. It is not something to be sad or angry about, just something to accept.

Always trust my gut. When I go against my first instincts, I almost always get burned...I knew that I knew better.

Surround myself with only positive, happy, uplifting people who wish the highest and brightest for me, even if that narrows my circle so there's only a couple friends left. Do not accept negatively as a necessary evil.  Do not find joy in gossip.

Forgiveness frees the heart and the mind.

Phew! that was kind of a deep one.

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  1. GREAT POST! I learned that friends aren't always forever during the time we spent living on our sailboat because we were moving around so much. Cruising friends have come and gone over the years and we have made some tight friendships that still last. Other long-time friends couldn't accept our new lifestyle so we had to let them go. I agree, people come into our lives when we need them.


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