Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five Best Places to Buy Running Gear Online

Happy Saturday friends! Today I am hanging out over at the Bloggy Boot Camp conference in Dallas. I can't wait to tell you all about it! Here I am, day nine into the blog everyday of November challenge (Blogember). It is not as hard as I thought it would be and at only nine days in, I am already seeing a significant boost in my blog traffic. Today's blogember challenge writing prompt is about our five favorite places to shop online.

November 9: 5 Favorite Places to Shop Online

Where do I shop the most online? Truth?,, amazon, ebay, and Third Man Records. Wow. That was the most boring online shopping list ever! I decided I needed to do some crowd sourcing to see where my friends and readers shop online for their running gear. You may call it crowd sourcing, I call it stealing ideas from friends. Since I don't typically buy my running gear online, I needed a little help from my friends to compete today's blogging challenge.
I love this concept. Running shoes are only good for running for about 500 miles. If you run a lot, you know you can wear through those shoes pretty quickly. The thing is that after 500 miles of running, they still may be in pretty good shape for people who need them for just getting around. When you buy new shoes through they send you a return label in your shipment so you can send back an old pair of shoes to donate. The donations are processed through Soles4Souls or the MORE Foundation Group to get your shoes to the people who need them most. For every pair you donate you get a $10 credit on your account towards future purchases. You can use your credits at once or save them up for bigger purchases. Just in case you needed an excuse to buy a new pair of running shoes. Yeah, I didn't think so, I don't need any excuses either.

Wal-Mart Danskin:
Call me crazy, but I really like the Danskin line they sell at Wal-Mart. It is inexpensive and really pretty cute! So if you don't want to deal with the crazies at Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon (or ever!) you can get this affordable cute gear online, plus the online selection is much larger than I have seen in stores. Sometimes I want something a little fancier, but for the basics Danskin does the job!
Road Runner Sports was the overwhelming response when I asked my friends and Facebook followers where they shopped for running gear online.
Another popular answer when I polled friends and readers on favorite places to shop online.
OMGosh. This place is great! I heard they were opening a store here in Dallas, but I never checked out the online store until one of my friends recommended it. I love the trendy running apparel and I have already added some stuff to my cart.

Thanks friends for the new online shopping addiction! What have I missed? Where do you buy your running gear?

Thanks for following along as I attempt to blog every day in November for the Blogember challenge.

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  1. Sierra Trading Post should be on here! Best deals on last season's stuff from awesome brands. I have found so many great deals. I love Kindrunner, too. Wal-mart?! You lost me on that one. Marshalls also has some great finds. And curated sites like The Clymb, too. Check out my found links at Erica Finds for more good ideas!

  2. I love Danskin from Walmart, too, though I tend to fight the in store craziness. :-)

  3. I am addicted to online shopping. It's so convenient and I love waiting for the postman to deliver a box....but, don't like it when the thing I receive doesn't fit :(


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