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4 Stories from Elementary School

Well, friends. Here it is the 17th day of November and I was really worried that today would be the day that I broke the streak on the #blogember blog every day challenge. I was doing so well. I've blogged about life lessons learned from running, my favorite inspirational quote, and even tougher posts like an ephiphany I had this summer, and a six word memoir! If I could do all that, why can't I do this?

There were even a few days that I didn't follow the Blogember writing prompts, but I still managed to write a blog, like when I told you about my experience at Bloggy Boot Camp or the one where I talked about my favorite Kroger brand, A Simple Truth.

Today's writing prompt is to write about my favorite year in elementary school and why.

November 17: Favorite year in elementary school and why 

me in elementary school.

I have such a bad memory. I really don't remember elementary school. Here are my random memories from that time, in no particular order, because frankly, I can't remember. I would hardly say these were my best memories, just the only ones I can recall, probably because they were so traumatic.

A daydream believer and a homecoming queen

1. I had a mild version of Epilepsy in elementary school called Petty Mal Epilepsy. When I would have seizures it would just be a mild disconnect from the real world, most people didn't even notice. Friends would say my eyes would blink rapidly during a seizure and that was the only physical sign. My grades dropped because I would miss stuff in school and my Dad would scold me for day dreaming before we knew what was really going on. Medication controlled it until I grew out of it before I hit the double digit ages. I haven't taken medication or had a seizure in over 30 years. I still hate the taste of artificial cherries because that was the taste of my medicine.

From the Horse's Mouth

2. When I was in kindergarten we went on a field trip to a local Pennsylvanian farm. I think my mom was there as a chaperone that day. I had a long thick-haired ponytail which must have looked like a tasty-treat (or dried dead straw) to a nearby horse, because he decided to eat my ponytail while my back was turned. They tried to save my head as the horse was eating it, but unfortunately the horse had swallowed my hair and they had to cut my hair off in order to get my head loose from the horse's mouth. Traumatic.

I Invented the Softball Dress

3. I played softball as a young girl on the neighborhood team and I hated every minute of it. I was terribly awkward and inadequate at sports (not much has changed in 30 years). I was so little and my softball jersey was much too large for me. While on the walk to the softball field with my big sister, she commented that my jersey was so long that it looked like I wasn't wearing any shorts underneith. It was at that moment that I started crying because I realized I forgot to put on pants. What can I say? I'm claiming today that I was a diva who invented the softball dress. My softball career ended shortly thereafter. Softball dress? Hell Yeah!

Breaking Goals into Tasks

4. My mom told me that every year on the first day of school in elementary school I would come home in tears with all my new text books. I would open the books for the first time and flip to the last page of the book, then start to cry because the last page of the book looked so hard. I thought I would never be able to learn that, it looked too hard! It was all so overwhelming! It is a lesson that I still need to remember today. Take things day by day, chapter by chapter. Over time, big goals can be accomplished by completing smaller tasks. The last page in the book may seem impossible, like running a marathon or passing my personal training certification test, but it is the accomplishment of the small daily and weekly tasks that will get me there. You can't take a giant step from start to finish, you have to take a million small steps to get there.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that horse story! Crazy! You poor thing! I hope you weren't stuck there for long. These little snippets of bloggers' lives are so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jan! It really is one of my only memories from elementary school, but how do you forget THAT! lol

    2. The baseball dress story is hysterical!
      I had a similar horse story but mine involved me as a first grader in a petting zoo with a goat eating my paper nametag I wore on a string around my neck. I have not stepped foot in a petting zoo since! Not as traumatic as having my hair eaten by a horse though! Holy crap!

    3. ha ha. I am glad it was not just not me.


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