Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 photos on 10 past the hour #Blogember

I was excited when I first read today's Blogember (blog ever day in November challenge) writing prompt. I liked the idea of a blog of pictures.

November 14: 10 photos on 10 past the hour

I wasn't sure if I was interpreting it exactly right, but I thought it would be fun to take a picture every hour, save it as my home screen on my cell then take a screen shot showing the time of day, every hour, 10 past the hour. A couple of things I didn't consider:

A. My life is not full of exciting photo opps.
B. I am really busy at work and time easily gets away from me.
C. Most of these 10 pictures would be taken at the office.

My first picture of the day. It's 9am and I am starting my work day with my favorite monkey mug! Now I just need to fill it with coffee! 9:10
Darn it! For the ten o'clock picture I was one minute late. It didn't occur to me at first that I could set the picture as my screen saver early, then just take the screen shot at 10 after. I was scrambling to get it done and I was a few seconds late. I love this owl from Kroger that sits on my boss' desk. He's so cute! 10:11
The cool thing about today's picture challenge is that it forced me to stop and pay attention to the things around me, to look for interesting things. It is not something I do enough. Look for beauty (or humor) in everyday things. Again, I am late on my picture, and I hope no one noticed I was walking into offices to look for things to photograph. 11:13
Yay lunch time and I finally got a picture done on time. I like to eat at my desk while I work on my blog or other personal stuff during lunch. Sandwich and soup, perfect for a chilly day. 12:10
My co-workers do a much better job than me at decorating their desks and I am getting worse at posting my pic on time. Things just got too busy. 1:15
Midday reports and an apple. And I got one done on time! (I meant the picture, of course, my reports are always on time) 2:10
Outside for a minute for fresh air and to visit the company vegetable and flower garden. 3:13
Late afternoon snack, stumbled upon these in a co-worker's office. I didn't steal one, she was nice enough to offer it to me. OMGosh, Worth. Every. Calorie. 4:17
Finally leaving work. I can't believe it is getting dark already! Today was such a busy day, but time flies when you are having fun, I guess! I am getting later and later with my hourly picture. 5:22
I missed my 6:10 picture because I was driving home (safety first!) but when I finally got home, Hubby already had dinner started! Salmon Burgers! Yum! 6:20
Then I was late for my last picture of the day because I was busy writing this blog post! Nothing like Ollie leg hugs at the end of the day! 7:19
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photo credit: Lorenia via photopin cc


  1. Love this and it was a great idea to do a screenshot on your phone with the time!

  2. How fun! I love your lunch and your dinner! And of course Ollie hugs are special, too. Looks like a good day to me.

  3. Love the love screen idea. The "Reply All" photo made me laugh. We have a few coworkers that hit that on every company email and they never really require all of us to see your reply. Now I started adding " Do not reply all to this email. You don't even had to reply" when applicable. Anyway.... fun post!


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