Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blogember Challenge Completed! 30 Day Blog Roundup!

Whew! Welcome to the very last day of the Blogember blog every day in November challenge. I can't believe I posted a blog for 30 consecutive days, especially after I went the entire month of October without hardly a blog post at all. What can I say? I'm just an all or nothing kind of person.

This blog every day November challenge has been a roller coaster. Here is a sampling of my thought process throughout the challenge:

"I'm so excited to blog every single day in November."
"What was I thinking? This is going to be hard, I'll never find the time."
"This isn't so bad. As long as I stay ahead of the game, I'll can do this."
"This is fun!"
"I'm on a roll!"
"I wish the Happy Girl would provide writing prompts all through 2013...and beyond."
"I want to blog every day forever!"
"Well, I haven't been so great at staying ahead, but at least I'm still on track."
"Is this over yet?"
"Another post tomorrow, really?"
"Is anyone even reading anymore?"

And that brings us to today, the final day of the challenge. While this has been fun and I really enjoyed it, one month of blogging every day was the perfect time frame for this challenge, I probably couldn't do it another day. As a matter of fact, December 1st will be the first day in more than 30 days that you won't see a blog post from me.

I loved the writing prompts from a Happy Girl Blog and most days I followed along. There were a few days that I had other things that I wanted to write about, so I took a break from the assigned writing topics. I wrote about my experience at Bloggy Boot Camp, shared my Runner's Gift Guide & Giveaway (there's still time to enter), told you about my mishaps at the turkey trot, and my tips for joining the  Runner's World run streak challenge.

There were two days that I really couldn't come up with anything interesting for the writing prompts, so I went off topic and wrote about how much I love Simple Truth at Kroger and my Toys for Tots shopping fun.

On the other hand, there were so many writing prompts that I loved, it really got me thinking outside the box about blog topics. My six word memoir post ended up being one that made me proud, and I would have never thought of this topic without the writing prompt. I also really enjoyed writing the reverse bucket list, my five places to shop online, and my five favorite apps posts.

There were some topics that were way out of my comfort zone, because I usually don't usually talk about my personal life on this blog, and some of these writing prompts required it, four stories from elementary school, my first job, my first concert and my first pet (OK, all my pets).

All in all, it was a really fun experience. While I didn't always follow the writing prompts exactly, they were extremely helpful in keeping me motivated to write everyday. I saw a nice little boost in blog traffic this month and it was fun to read the other blogger's posts who were partipicating in the challenge. It was great practice to write every single day, and I had the opportunity to explore new writing topics. I think I am a better blogger for having completed it. Here are the blog topics and my links to the ones I completed.

Blog Everyday November Challenge from A Happy Girl

November 1: One of the best lessons life has shown you
November 2: Favorite inspiring quote
November 3: 5 favorite blogs
November 4: Write for 5 minutes on the prompt: Freedom
November 5: Share a favorite recipe (can be yours or someone else's just make sure to give credit)
November 6: 5 favorite apps
November 7: A day in your life
November 8: 5 minutes on the prompt: Time
November 9: 5 favorite places to shop online
November 10: A time when you felt unstoppable
November 11: 3 albums you would take in a deserted island
November 12: Your first pet
November 13: An epiphany you had this summer
November 14: 10 photos on 10 past the hour
November 15: Favorite Halloween costume of yours
November 16: 6 word memoir
November 17: Favorite year in elementary school and why
November 18: Happiest moment of your life
November 19: First job
November 20: Your first concert
November 21: 5 unique facts about you
November 22: 10 places you would love to visit (or have visited)
November 23: Reverse bucket list
November 24: 20 things you are grateful for
November 25: A love letter to yourself
November 26: Favorite teacher in your life
November 27: A book that honestly changed your life
November 28: Your life's soundtrack
November 29: Your take on the prompt Be Ridiculous
November 30: If you wrote your memoir, what would the title be and why?

Thank you so much to the Happy Girl for hosting this challenge.

I think that in the first part of 2014, maybe February, I am going to host my own blogging challenge and call it the Great Fitness Blogging Streak. I have already starting thinking of fitness related writing prompts. Who is with me?

If you have been following along this month, I am so grateful to you. I promise to stop clogging up your feed so much in December. After a blogging lull in October, the November blogember challenge motivated me to get back on track, and now I have plans or a more balanced blog schedule in December.

How about you? Have you ever completed a blog every day challenge?
Would you consider joining mine in February?
Are you sick of me yet? :)

I want to remind you that I have a huge giveaway going on right now until Dec 2nd. 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners and you can enter to win all the gifts! Click over to check it out and to enter!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Let's Go Streaking! 10 Tips for a Successful Running Streak

I am rounding out my blogging streak as part of the Blogember blog every day in November challenge, and I feel ready to start a new kind of streak, a running streak!

Runner's World hosts a holiday running streak every year and the idea is to pledge to run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day. I have a little experience in streaking (the run kind, of course), both successful and unsuccessful.

In 2012 Hubby and I ran every single day from Jan 1st through October 11. What happened on October 12th you ask? Well, it was hubbies 40th birthday and we, um...forgot. The streak was broken.

Last holiday I attempted the Runner's World streaking challenge from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day and I didn't complete it. This year I want to redeem myself and successfully complete the holiday streak.

The idea is to challenge yourself to get out and get moving and to get in the habit of lacing up those shoes every single day. If you are a regular runner, you will run your normal days, but then on your regular rest days, just do one easy slow mile.

If want to get a jump on your new year's resolutions and you are using this run streak challenge as way to start running and get healthy, then just start with a one mile jog/walk every day. Run slowly, take it one mile, one day at a time. Build up the mileage slowly as you are able. There is no shame in a walk break. You'll be amazed at what you will be able to do by January 1st. 

Since I have both completed run streaks successfully and unsuccessfully, I will give you my 10 best tips for completing the Runner's World holiday run streak.

1. Tell your friends and family your commitment to complete the challenge. If you tell people about your plans, you may feel a bigger obligation to follow through.

2. If possible, find a streaking partner. When Hubby and I did it together, we helped motivate each other, but don't feel discouraged if you are going at it alone, it just goes to shows your dedication. Besides, there is a whole online community completing this challenge, you can find your support online.

3. Having access to a treadmill is helpful on rainy or extremely cold temperatures, but then again, hubby and I did a mile or two in the rain on our streak! Be prepared to bundle up! No treadmill necessary.

4. Listen to your body! If you are injured or sick, no streak is as important as making sure you are healthy and taking care of yourself. Be reasonable and take a real rest day if you need it.

5. Although this is technically against the Runner's World rules of the streak, I think it is OK to walk your mile for the day. We walked plenty of our miles during our 2012 streak. I say a mile is a mile and sometimes you need the rest. Your challenge. Your body. Your rules!

6. I found that getting the run done early in the day was the easiest way to stay consistent. Those miles Hubby and I did rushed at 11:30pm just to keep the streak alive were not the best. Depending on how fast you run or walk, one mile will take an average 8-20 minutes. Even when I am super busy, I can usually find this small amount of time. Sometimes it just means getting up a few minutes earlier.

7. As the streak goes on, you'll find it becomes a habit and you will really want to squeeze in your mile, by any means possible. Stay with it, after a couple of weeks it will become second nature.

8. Join the other holiday streakers on Twitter with the hashtag #RWrunstreak. Post about your daily miles on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and read about other runners completing the challenge. There is nothing like thousands of like-minded people in an online community to let you know you are not alone!

9. Use the challenge to motivate yourself to stay active through out the holidays, but if you miss a day it's no reason to quit, just pick back up where you left off.

10. Have fun with it!

I planned on getting my Thanksgiving Day miles in at the turkey trot yesterday, but since that didn't quite work out as planned, I ran a few miles in the neighborhood later that morning to start off my streak. I am excited about using the streak to stay motivated to run this holiday season.

Are you streaking? How do you stay motivated?

Only a few days left to enter my Runner's Holiday Gift Guide mega giveaway. Click over to enter today.

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photo credit: kaneda99 via photopin cc

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trot Misadventures and Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Ollie and I attempted to run a Fort Worth turkey trot 5k this morning but had too much fun and got in so much trouble. Well, one of us got in trouble. You can guess who.

Bringing Ollie to the turkey trot was probably the worst idea ever. It was all so overwhelming for him. He was having fun, running around on his leash, and his tail was wagging at warp speed. He seemed so happy. At first, I tried to keep him in an area of the park where there weren't as many people so he could adjust to his new surroundings while we waited for the race to start. When they announced the 10 minute warning, I began walking with him towards the start line. He'd bark at another dog, or pull on his leash a little, but I was keeping him under control until he spotted his apparent archenemy, the Great Dane. He broke through all the holds on his leash, and when I grabbed him by the collar to try to stop him, he kept going and literally dragged me off my feet, through the mud, ripping off my race bib in the process. I didn't let go. I couldn't! The jaws dropped of the people around me. I stood up from my mud slide looking more like I was running a mud run than a turkey trot! The cool and collected Great Dane just walked away, but it soon became apparent that if I didn't get him out of there Ollie would try to take vengeance on his nemesis. I couldn't do this for 3.1 miles. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to run the turkey trot this year, but ultimately I decided to just be thankful that I was dragged through the mud and not on the concrete.

Turkey Trot or Mud Run? You decide.
The turkey trot was supposed to be my first opportunity to break in and test run (pun entirely intended) my new Mizuno Wave Rider 17 running shoes. Since I didn't get to run the turkey trot I came home and pounded out a 5k in my neighborhood. There was no shiny turkey medal at the end, but I got it done, and despite the fact that they were now covered in mud, I loved the Wave Rider 17.

Mizuno is sponsoring this post, but all the gushing is purely my own. The first time I ever got professionally fitted for a shoe in a running store, they fit me for a neutral Mizuno shoe and I've been hooked on Mizunos ever since. Since I am already a huge fan, it seemed like the perfect fit for me to talk to you about their new shoe, the Wave Rider 17 which will be released on December 5th.

I love that they are so light weight but still have support and cushioning. I never could wear those barefoot running shoes, because I ended up needing more support (I tried). The Wave Rider 17 is the best of both worlds, so light that you don't even feel them, but with the support I still need. The shoe is light and flexible, which allows you to sense the ground beneath you, which I think aids in better running form. It flexes with the natural shape and movement of your foot as you run. It is the kind of shoe that you hardly know it's there and allows you to get lost in your run.

It wasn't at the turkey trot, but I did end up having a brilliant run. The crisp cool November air and the quiet neighborhood provided the perfect backdrop for reflecting on all the things I am thankful for in life, including my feisty dog. After a brilliant run, now we're ready to eat some turkey and celebrate our brilliant life with family.

While I had my new fancy Wave Rider 17 shoes out, I thought I would show you a technique I learned about how to tie your running shoe laces for better ankle support. I've been tying my laces this way for years and it really makes a huge difference!

Huge thanks to Hubby for being my videographer, photographer, and general blog assistant. I wonder how anyone runs a blog without a supportive husband! Who else would make funny turkey sound effects at the end of my video? Please check out my one minute video on how to tie your running shoes for better ankle support demonstrated on my new Mizuno Wave Rider 17 running shoes. I could post a whole other blog with the hilarious outtakes. Click the arrow to start the video.

Thanks so much to Mizuno and Fitfluential for the opportunity to review the Wave Rider 17. It's just one more thing to be thankful for this holiday.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 will released to the public on December 5th, just in time to surprise your favorite runner with the perfect Christmas gift.

Look at the innocent well-behaved dog you have there! I bet he never gets in trouble!

Did you run a turkey trot this year?
Ever run one with your dog?
Are you planning on checking out the Mizuno Wave Rider 17?

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I am Reading: Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster

Today's Blogember blog every day in November challenge is to blog about a book that has changed your life. I've read a lot of great books, but none that I can say has truly changed my life. I've been trying to read more and I think one of my 2014 new year's resolutions will be to read at least one book a month.

November 27: A book that honestly changed your life

I once wrote a blog post once about some of my favorite books called "Exercise Your Mind." I'd love it if you would check out that post to read my non-fiction book recommendations.
"While most of my friends are obsessing over 50 Shades of Grey and reading novels about teenage vampires, I tend to lean towards non-fiction books. I like to read books that will inspire me, educate me, and help me grow as a person. Of course, there is nothing wrong with losing yourself in a juicy novel, it can be a great escape, but reading a fiction book sometimes feels like a waste of time. I am not sure why I feel this way, as I certainly waste plenty of other time watching mindless TV (Hello! Walking Dead!), surfing the net, reading fashion magazines, and watching movies. Maybe it is because books are such a time investment, I want to make sure I get out of them what I put into them"
So instead of the book that changed my life (since it doesn't exist), I will tell you about the book I am currently reading. While it is not exactly a change-your-life kind of book, I am learning a lot and it it inspiring me to rethink (and change) my training. 

Run Less Run Faster

Runner's World: Run Less, Run Faster. I downloaded the book on my Kindle Fire and I am regretting that I didn't buy a paper back version because I feel the great need to turn back page corners, flag, and highlight things I need to revisit. There is so much information, it definitely can't been retained with one pass, and while I might bring a book out on a track to reference, I'll probably feel awkward with my Kindle Fire. The general idea of the book is that you can run just three times a week, with three focused, goal-oriented runs, and gain maximum progress and improvement over a relatively short period of time. Instead of running mile after unfocused mile, each run has a goal and a purpose. Each run is challenging enough that you'll need the rest day(s) and cross training after to recover.

The book gives very specific training plans for every level. The running workouts include three quality runs weekly that tell you exactly how fast and how far you should be targeting based on your current 5K time. There are charts! I love charts!

Three focused runs a week include:
1. A tempo run
2. Track repeats
3. A long run

and recommendations for cross training and rest days.

I haven't made it through the book yet, still reading, and still considering purchasing an old school (aka paperback) copy so I can mark up the pages, but I plan on starting this new running plan in January. I love the idea of running with purpose, and it frees up some time for cross training, and everyone knows a runner who cross trains is a healthy, less-likely-to-be-injured, runner.

So maybe this book didn't change my life, but it may just change my training.

What are you reading right now?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Give Back: Toys for Tots

I like to give back during the holidays anyway that I can. I realize that we have so much and sometimes even the little things we give can make a big difference to someone who is in need. This year I decided to give to The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, which was really convenient because my work is sponsoring a box at the office.

This is how it works: You buy a new, unwrapped toy and drop it in one of the collection boxes that are placed at local businesses around town. At Christmas local coordinators, with the help of the local social welfare agencies, churches, and other community agencies, distribute the donated toys to less fortunate children in the community.

I don't have kids of my own, so a toy shopping excursion is a rare treat, and especially fun for me. I usually go to the store with a budget in mind, but as budgets usually go around here, it went out the window. I am surprised every year at how expensive toys can be! I buy toys for both girls and boys, but I find that I lean towards extra girly toys. I think I am buying all the stuff I secretly want for my inner six year old! A remote control barking furry dog? Pink princess skates? Yes, please! I can almost picture the happy faces of the little girls who will receive them.

My Toys for Tots haul.
It makes me feel good to give back and every little bit helps. You don't have to buy a whole basket of toys, even one toy will help make one local kid's Christmas a little brighter.

If shopping in the toy aisle this time of year seems like it might bring out your inner Grinch, you can always make a credit card donation to Toys for Tots here or choose to volunteer your time.

There are a lots of ways to give back this season (and any season really) but I like the idea of helping local kids. Do you give to Toys for Tots? Do you have any other charities that mean a lot to you? Tell me about it in the comments!

Toys for Tots donation box

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Dear Me in 2014 #Blogember

Here we are already in the last days of the Blogemeber blog every day in November challenge. This month really flew by! When I started the challenge, and especially when I read the writing prompts, I wasn't 100% sure I'd be able to keep up. It wasn't just the difficulty of finding the time and motivation to write a blog post every single day, some of these writing prompts were really hard! There were days that I just wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off, today's was no exception.

November 25: A love letter to yourself

Am I cheating if I share a poem to myself that I wrote last year? Nah, my blog, my rules. The original 2013 version was post here. It is not exactly a love poem, more like a resolution poem that is full of self love. I also wrote a love poem to running and to Greek yogurt. What? everyone else doesn't write love poems to their favorite foods? What can I say? I have a penchant for writing poems. I like rearranging sentences and words to make things rhyme. I love it when I start with a blank page and a lot of disjointed ideas and rhymes then somehow, if I keep working at it, it all comes together in the end.

Dear Me,

I know you are perfect
The way that you are,
But we all can improve some,
Raise the bar. 

You’ll eat healthy foods
Dense with nutrition.
You’ll  move your butt more,
You’ll be full of ambition.

You’ll run faster and better,
A new PR achieved.
You’ll pump iron and get stronger
Than you ever believed.

You won’t let the internet
Be so disruptive
To your goals and dreams,
You’ll be more productive!

You’ll read more and write more
With less television.
Less time on the net will be
A conscious decision.

You’ll live in moderation
Enjoying this life.
The good and the bad
Will balance out nice. 

Blah Blah Blah,
We have heard it before.
I think we’ll skip this usual
Resolute bore. 

Let’s talk about the things
That really matter in life.
Family, great friends, and
Being a wife. 

This year you’ll resolve
To be the best version of you.
And not compare yourself
To what others do.

You’ll promise to love yourself
Despite all your flaws.
To strive to love others,
Just because.

You’ll  try to put yourself second
To those in your heart.
Give love freely and openly,
For the most part.

You have so much more
Than you could earn or deserve.
You’ll whine less and praise more,
Without reserve.

Dear Me, these are our plans
For two thousand fourteen.
I pray for the best year
That we’ve ever seen.

And to you out there,
Thanks for reading along.
I wish you happiness
And joy all the yearlong. 

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Great List of Grateful: 20 Reasons to Say Thank You

I've been blogging every single day in November as part of the Blogember challenge. A happy girl blog was nice enough to provide the writing prompts, all I had to do was come up with the words. That's the easy part, right?

November 24: 20 things you are grateful for

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching this seems like a wildly appropriate blog topic. Gosh, what am I thankful for? So much.

1. My husband

He would be embarrassed if he knew I was writing about him like this, but he usually doesn't read my blogs (so shhh no one tell). My husband has beautiful blue eyes that reveal an inner soft side that his tattoos try hard to conceal. When he feels driven to do so, he gives with his whole heart. He'll do anything to help a friend. He loves me (faults and all) and supports me in everything I want to do. He sacrifices himself for my happiness all the time. He has a wicked sense of humor which keeps our house filled with laughter and love. He is my very best friend.

Me and my boog.

2. My parents

I feel so grateful to be born into family where I was provided with unconditional love, structure, and discipline. I was taught from an early age to be compassionate, tolerant, and giving. My parents instilled in me a work ethic and a sense of humor, a combination that has gotten me pretty far in life. My mother is there for me as a friend and as a mother. She is one of the strongest women I know. My father taught me so many life lessons just by his actions. I love and respect them more than I can express in a blog post.

The most recent pictures I could find. ha ha.

3. My brother and sister

My sister is hands-down the smartest person I know. She is gorgeous, humble and unselfish. My brother is one of the funniest (and most handsome) guys out there (sorry ladies, he's taken). I couldn't ask for a better brother and sister. I miss them a lot and wish I could see them more often.

sis, bro and me.

4. Our home

We bought a little old house and remodeled every inch of it over the last eight years. This house was built in 1953, but we rebuilt it from the ground up. I think the only original thing in the house today might be the window sills. From the outside you would never guess that our dream home is nestled inside this unassuming old house. We live on a half acre in a little town outside of Fort Worth.

our dream home in Fort Worth, TX

5. Running

I am thankful for the ability to run, for my two strong healthy legs and heart that allow me this privilege. Even when I take it for granted or neglect running, it is always there for me. It is a stress reliever, a weight control method, and mood enhancing drug all in one.

6. This blog

I can't even begin to talk about how I am grateful to you, the people who actually read this blog. I am routinely surprised that people care to read what I write. I am blown away by the kind words and encouragement from strangers. I get the nicest, most amazing blog comments and messages that make my small heart grow three sizes. Thank you for all of your continued support. It really means the world to me. I never imagined that this blog would grow like it has. I am thankful for the opportunities that have been offered to me because of this blog and very grateful for my association with Fitfluential.

7. Friends, and one in particular

I am blessed with a very small circle of friends who really love me. I say that the small circle part is a blessing because each of these friends is like an extended family member to me. Each of these people are a part of my heart. I don't have any superficial friends. I choose to only surround myself with the people who deserve it. I'm particularly grateful for one friend. She gives herself to everyone who needs her (sometimes until there is nothing left). She is probably the most unselfish person I know. She is beautiful inside and out, sweet, generous, strong, smart, loving, and talented. She is my hero. (love you Cathy.)

Me and my BFF
8. My Job

While sometimes I wish I was independently wealthy, or at least a professional blogger (Is that really too much to ask?), I am extremely grateful for my full-time professional career which provides us with the means to live a financially carefree life. I've worked enough crappy "careers" for crappy companies with crappy bosses to really appreciate it when the people who surround me at work are smart, loyal, and supportive. It is not always easy, and things are not always perfect, but I know enough to know I just need to say thank you.

9. My health

This is something I probably take for granted too often. I've never had any serious health issues. Let's keep the streak alive!

10. Ollie (and the other dogs that were in our lives)

Our fur babies of past and present show us again and again the meaning of unconditional love.

Always Running with Ollie

11. Jennifer

I have a friend who passed away in December 2009. I am forever grateful for the time we had together, for the laughs, the love, and sweet friendship. Her friendship in high school helped shape the person I am today. I miss her so much, especially this time of year. Love you Jen. On the anniversary of her passing, I usually like to share the poem I wrote about her, you can read it here.

My Sweet Jennifer

12. Music

I have such a passion for music, when I listen to my favorites I can feel it in my soul. I am grateful for the artists who create it, my concert buddies who experience it with me, and the online communities who share my passion. Music is such a source of happiness in my life, I don't know what I would do without it.

13. Sleeping in
14. Weekends
15. Unexpected snow days
16. My friend's sweet kids
17. Vacations
18. Technology 
19. Coffee
20. Freedom

Ahhh...I cried all the way through this post. What are you grateful for?

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