Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BlogVember: Don't Call it a Comeback

I recently wrote about my short blogging hiatus and how I am back from the blogging dead. You see, I went nearly the whole month of October without a blog post. Gasp! For the first time in years I just didn't feel motivated to write. I got busy with other things and didn't make it a priority.

Just like anything (like healthy eating and exercise, for example), if you let something that is important to you fall to the wayside, the harder it is to make a comeback. But don't call it a comeback (says LL Cool J) I never really left.  It is about reexamining priorities and making time for the things that are important to me.

I was re-motivated to blog and got excited so I wrote four blogs to post the last five days of October. I am happy to be on the roll again and I want to keep the momentum going.

I came across a Blogvember Challenge from a Happy Girl to blog everyday in November, complete with writing prompts. What a better way to stay motivated than to have someone tell you what to write about? It kind of feels like English composition class all over again, (that's a good thing). But please, no one go over my blog posts with a red editing pen. Thanks.

So on November 1st I will begin my blog everyday challenge. I hope you will join me (either by reading along or joining the challenge yourself). I will try to write on the assigned topics but leaning towards health and fitness as to stay true to my blog's theme, but from the looks of these prompts, I'll probably end up going off the beaten path a bit.

Blog Everyday November Challenge from A Happy Girl

November 1: One of the best lessons life has shown you
November 2: Favorite inspiring quote
November 3: 5 favorite blogs
November 4: Write for 5 minutes on the prompt: Freedom
November 5: Share a favorite recipe (can be yours or someone else's just make sure to give credit)
November 6: 5 favorite apps
November 7: A day in your life
November 8: 5 minutes on the prompt: Time
November 9: 5 favorite places to shop online
November 10: A time when you felt unstoppable
November 11: 3 albums you would take in a deserted island
November 12: Your first pet
November 13: An epiphany you had this summer
November 14: 10 photos on 10 past the hour
November 15: Favorite Halloween costume of yours
November 16: 6 word memoir
November 17: Favorite year in elementary school and why
November 18: Happiest moment of your life
November 19: First job
November 20: Your first concert
November 21: 5 unique facts about you
November 22: 10 places you would love to visit (or have visited)
November 23: Reverse bucket list
November 24: 20 things you are grateful for
November 25: A love letter to yourself
November 26: Favorite teacher in your life
November 27: A book that honestly changed your life
November 28: Your life's soundtrack
November 29: Your take on the prompt Be Ridiculous
November 30: If you wrote your memoir, what would the title be and why?

I'm excited. If you missed me in October (big hugs to those of you who said you did), you may be sick of me by the end of November. Can I do this? Stay tuned to see!
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  1. Could we ever really get sick of you? :-) Good luck with this challenge. I may try to join you.

  2. I'm going to try as well...I've been away a lot lately...and I miss it!! :)

  3. I love the idea of the challenge and the questions/themes for each day, but honestly know I just couldn't manage it.... will try to read all of yours, though!

  4. I'm SO tempted, but unsure if I would be able to pull it off! I was thinking no way until I saw the prompts. Hmmmmm...I have 1 day to decide! LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am tempted to try this challenge but I know there is no way I will blog every day. I fall into lines of maybe blogging a few times a month! I do like a lot of these prompts though.... Maybe I'll play along as much as possible.

    1. Hi Mary! There are no rules, so I think playing along and just doing the ones you want is a great idea! It is a BIG commitment to do it everyday. I gotta go now, Gotta start working on my post for tomorrow! :) Good luck. I hope you decide to do it. I'd love to read them.

  7. I love this- I need to get going on blogging regularly so I will play along when I can! Thanks for sharing (and welcome back!)


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