Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where I Run: A Guest Post by Ollie

Hi Folks! I am Ollie. You probably know me best as that handsome boy up there in the blog header. I like belly rubs, chasing squirrels, and long walks on the beach running with my mom.

Every once in awhile my mom asks me to guest post on her blog. She was real proud of my last post called According to Ollie: Running Lessons From My Dog. My mom is the runner and technically speaking, this is her blog, but we all know I am the real star of the show here.

So when she told me her blogger friend at Running Escapades was hosting a link up party called "Where I Run" she knew I was the guy for the job. We set out on a walking trip along our regular running route with a camera in tow so we could show you where we regularly run.

Let's go. Look at me here. I think it is pretty clear who is walking who.

Along the way we come across a lot of interesting friends behind fences.

That's a weird looking dog.

Water break! This is Texas y'all and it is hot in August. Mom brought me some water and a bowl for our trip. She knows I can get overheated easily, so she doesn't run with me when it is really hot outside. Even when we go for walks like this one, she brings water.  

Re-hydrated and ready to go! Come on mom, you are way too slow!

Are you coming or what?

It doesn't look like much in the picture, but this is our big hill! Let's do this!

These are more friends we see on the roadside. I love these big guys but don't let my size fool you,  I think I could take them if it came down to it.

Thanks for coming along with us on our regular running route. Running with my mom (and Dad sometimes too) is one of my favorite things to do, right up there with napping and messing with cats. I am looking forward to the cool air of the fall season so we can go for more runs again.

Mom told me to remind you to head over to Running Escapades to check out her link party and read some of the other "Where I Run" posts.  It is entirely possible that sometimes mom runs other places without me, but I choose to believe that her best runs are with me right here along this course.

Like my guest post? Let mom know it by sharing!

Keep Running,

Lea Ollie

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  1. Love this! Ollie looks very much like a dog we took a couple times from the shelter...her name was Mama Faith!

  2. Love Ollie! He needs to teach my Tiger Lilly to run. She's good for about 1/4 of a mile and then she's DONE.

  3. This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing my post on cutting back on stuff! It has already been an interesting process, and I was excited to share an update with the link up today! So nice meeting you!


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