Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What the Heck is Mezamashii?

I got an email this week from Runner's World about a pretty cool Instagram contest that Runner's World is doing with Mizuno.
"The next time you find yourself in the midst of a sensational, energized, mezamashii run, take a picture and upload it to Twitter or Instagram. Or if you’d rather, you can upload a video to Instagram or Vine. Just use the hashtag #mezamashiirun. You could win a trip to the destination of your choice to meet the Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World, Bart Yasso. So start snapping those pictures. And keep searching for mezamashii."
Sounds great, right? But, what the heck is mezamashii? I had to look it up. Mezamashii is a Japanese word that means "brilliant" or "eye-opening." Mizuno says that it’s a word that captures the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run. Now I get it.

I love my Mizunos that I bought at Fort Worth Running Company.

A brilliant run for me? It is not always about my surroundings, but it helps. Running along the ocean in Huntington Beach was amazingly brilliant. Running past the Alamo in San Antonio while my best friend cheered me on from the side lines at the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll half was brilliant. Running in the cool air of San Diego on vacation in August always feels brilliant. Even the scenic trails along the Trinity River in good 'ol Fort Worth can be pretty brilliant.

But the real brilliance of a run for me is when it is effortless and energized, no matter where I am. It is when my mind, body, and soul all come together for a perfect run. It is when my legs have a mind of their own because my own mind is off in some other land.  It is when my heart is pumping and my legs feel as light as air. It is when I have six miles on the schedule but I do eight because I don't want this (brilliant) feeling to end. It could happen at a race or during my regular route around the neighborhood. Part of the beauty of a brilliant run is that it can hit you at any time.

Now, I am not sure I can capture that brilliant feeling in a photo for Instagram. As a matter of fact, after looking through my pictures, I struggled to find a single picture of any of the scenic brilliant runs I described above, because most of the time, in the midst of a brilliant run, the last thing I would want to do is stop and take a picture. But who says you have to stop?

This reminded me of that silly movie where Zooey Deschanel taught a jogging-photography class. I Googled it to find the name of the movie (Yes Man) and by gosh, this is a real thing all over the internet. People actually run and take pictures. Jogging-photography isn't about jogging and stopping to snap a picture with your iPhone when you see something photo worthy. It is running with your real camera and snapping pictures as you go, blurr and all. Hilarious! And I thought this was just something that was made up for a silly Jim Carrey movie. Or maybe it is a case of life imitating art (that is if you consider a Jim Carrey movie an art).

While I am unlikely to take up running-photography in order to capture my mezamashii, I will try be more aware of my beautiful surroundings as I run to see if I have another #mezamashirrun photo up my sleeve. Of course, I will stop to take the picture.

As runners aren't we always on the ultimate hunt for a mezamashii run anyway? Because even the best of runners have bad days, but we keep chasing that runner's high that results from a brilliant run.

If you have a #Mezamashiirun photo and want to enter the Mizuno contest, just head over to for all the details. I'd love to see your pictures too. Please feel free to tag @runningwithollie on Instagram or @GeaLenders on Twitter with your #mezamashiirun photos.

I hope your next run is a brilliant one.

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  1. Thanks for demystifying the whoe mezamashiirun thing. I didn't have the patience to figure it out. Should be more clear, but I get it, and I always take pictures when I run, so it's a great idea.

  2. Man, I learn something new every day. Not only about Mesamashiirun, but that there are really groups who run and take pictures while running. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I've been running in Mizuno for a while, so I get the whole Mezamashii run idea (and I've had a few brilliant runs of my own in them too). I will be interesting to try to capture the brilliance in a photo.

  4. Great picture! And I am trying my 2nd pair of Mizuno shoes now. I took back the Wave Rider's and am trying out the Wave Sayonara....crossing my fingers they are a match! :-)


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