Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nerd Alert: The Jedi Challenge Virtual Run

I am a nerd. Errr...or I married one and then became one myself. My husband's man cave (never to be referred to as a garage) showcases a rather extensive Star Wars collection, which includes action figures (which are never to be referred to as dolls).

One small part of the collection.
Action figures, never (ever) to be referred to as dolls.
Sure, I like Star Wars too. I was born in the 70's. I saw the original Star War movies in the theater as a kid. I have fond memories of playing Princess Leia and the Ewoks in my best friend's back yard. Maybe I always felt a connection to Princess Leia since we practically had the same name and everything. Then my husband, the Star Wars nerd, married a woman named Lea. It was a match made in heaven or in a galaxy far far away, I'm not sure.

While hubby collects Star Wars toys, I collect race bling. I am not going to go as far as to say that I run races only for the race medal, but it is pretty high up there on the list.

So when I saw someone post the race medal for the Jedi Challenge Virtual Run on Instagram, I knew I wanted to add this medal to my collection.  I was sure hubby would be excited about it too.

The beauty of a virtual run is that it can be run any place and at any time. The Jedi Challenge Virtual Run was a fundraising virtual run to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training.

I signed up on and my medal arrived a couple weeks later. It is smaller than a traditional race medal and I am slightly afraid George Lucas (or Disney now, right?) will come beating down my door for purchasing unlicensed products, but I am overall happy with my $20 purchase, especially because ultimately it helped Team in Training fundraising. The official virtual race day is in August, but let's be honest, it doesn't really matter when I officially do my own run...but if you see a crazy lady running down the street in two side buns, it might just be me.

I am sad to report that I just checked it out again and registration for this event on is now closed, but I will keep my eyes out for similar virtual races and let you know. I heard that on they often have these sort of nerdy themed fund raising virtual runs.

No, we don't have kids. Yes, we have a stuffed Yoda.

At 2" it is a little smaller than most race medals.

Then, of course, no Running with Ollie blog post is complete without Ollie reluctantly posing for a picture. 

"No, I will NOT look at the camera."

Are you a nerd too?  Do you race for the bling? Do you ever participate in virtual runs? 

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  1. Nerd. Run Virtual Runs. All About the bling. LOL! Cute medal and so appropriate!

  2. At this point in my short lived life as a runner ... I race to finish! But I can't say I don't like the bling. Was kinda disappointed in Paris when I ran that 10K and there was no medal or shirt just a little wristlet wallet thing. I've never done a virtual run but I'd consider it if I liked the theme and/or the bling. :D Love your Jedi medal!

    1. Yeah, a Paris medal would be awesome! Then again, just GOING to Paris and running a 10K there is pretty awesome too! wow! I'm jealous!

  3. I am SO SAD I missed out on this. Devastated, really. Like you, I married a nerd and my nerdiness has grown since then. I think our husbands could be the best of friends and have hours of conversation about their (still in the package and only looked at) action figures (NOT dolls).

    1. ha! Yes, of course. Packages NEVER get opened. ever.

  4. Ah man! I missed it! My son's middle name is Anakin. He's now going to be 19. So i named him that before anyone knew who he was unless you read the books. ;)

    Gonna keep my eyes open for that race.

  5. OMG I wish I knew about this! I just went to Star Wars weekends here at Disney and am in love with Chewie!

  6. So neat - looks like Ollie is not admitting to being a Star Wars nerd in public! hahaha

  7. Love Ollie with some bling! I just did the Swagtastic Virtual 10K. No medal, but a box of swag ;)

  8. Love that bling! Sweet Ollie :)
    I don't have any medals yet, but signing up in time to get a t-shirt is a must. No t-shirt, no sign up :p I buy myself presents after I finish a race as well since I'm too new (and slow) to beat anybody...right now ;)

  9. OMG I WANT THAT MEDAL!!! I am a HUGE nerd and I love Star blog kinda makes that obvious but that is AMAZING! If you find another one please let me know!

  10. New reader!

    OMG I want that medal, too! I am a huge Star Wars nerd, as is my 5 year old! We are obsessed. Not as obsessed as your husband, but still!

    I absolutely run for bling, and I am entering my first virtual race in December, solely FOR the bling.

  11. This looks awesome, and makes me almost wish I were a "race for the bling" type of girl, but it's not really about the medal for me. I know. I'm weird. :)

  12. I'm a bit of a nerd myself...Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, I love them all! This virtual 5k sound like fun. Let us know how you did!

  13. Wtf!!! Omg!!! So pissed I didn't know about this!!! Jeez. Almost reason to join Instagram, but I have been holding off for a reason...I still have five minutes left in my day I can't fill up with one more social networking site. And oh yea, it would be my crack because ok addicted to photos.
    YES race bling. Unfortunately triathlons are sometimes not as much about the medals- weird- right? I race a lot of smaller ones I guess. Have not done a virtual race- didn't know I could get bling for them do sign me up!!!

  14. So yeah -- I just started running about 8 weeks ago, and my primary motivation is the shiny. Well and the health benefits, weight loss, all that stuff is important too. But I'm really after the bling. Hey, whatever gets you off the couch and onto the road, right?


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