Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Runner Dad

I know that you know this really cool Dad who runs. He probably would be pretty cool even if he didn't run, but a running Dad just takes the cake. Maybe he is your Dad, maybe he is your kid's Dad, or maybe he is just an awesome Dad that you love, who deserves some recognition on this day. It's (almost) Father's Day and you want to show him how much you love him, how much you appreciate his positive fitness influence in your life, and you want to do it more creatively than just buying him a tie with running shoes on it.

GPS Watch:

If you want to break out the big bucks, any running Dad would sure love to have a GPS watch so that he can geek out over the numbers. Everyone knows that Dads love gadgets.

Medal Hanger Display:

Maybe leave the World's Greatest Dad tie and t-shirt in the store and get him a World's Greatest Dad custom medal hanger instead? Let Dad show off his racing accomplishments in style. You could customize it with his name or his favorite mantra. He will proudly display his race medals for years to come.


Even Dad needs somewhere to keep his phone, identification, and keys on a run. Since you don't want to embarass yourself by having a Dad who runs around in some version of a fanny pack, how about getting him a sleek manly Flipbelt?  Everything fits inside the tubular belt and it is held securely against the body. Dad will think you are brilliant!

Lock Laces:

Nothing is more annoying than having your shoelaces come untied mid run. Make Dad's running life just a little bit easier with Lock Laces, the shoe laces that don't come untied...ever.

Road ID:

Nothing shows Dad you care more than letting him know you are concerned about his safety. Road ID makes wristbands, shoe tags, and other types that are engraved with his name, address, and emergency contact in case something goes wrong out there on the road. Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference.

6 Pack of Beer:

Let's be realistic. Dad likes to run, but he also likes his beer.  It is called a balanced lifestyle. Give the man what he wants.

Run Together:

Not all gifts have to cost money. Sometimes all Dad wants is some quality time with his favorite kid (It's OK, I won't tell your siblings). Maybe run a race together or maybe just a few miles in the neighborhood for free. Running builds bonds. You may be older than this now, but I can bet this is still how he sees you.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way by any of the brands mentioned in this post. I have done previous reviews on some of these products. None of the links provided are affiliate links, which means I don't benefit if you click on the link or make a purchase. I am just providing for your convenience. But if Budweiser wants to send me some free product because I mentioned them in a post, I am open to that. :)

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  1. If only my dad was a runner. I would love to give him these gifts! He is, however, a beer aficionado, so that will certainly do. I hope you enjoy the holiday!

  2. These are really unique, looks amazingg

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  3. I've been wanting to get my dad a GPS watch but most of them are So high tech now days and he's pretty old school! Good list!


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