Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Things I Learned at CrossFit On-Ramp

Welcome to the latest edition of Throwback Thursday. This is a monthly post where I share an archive post from my blog (Running for Dummies, my old blog name) that you likely missed the first time around, back when no one but my mom and husband were reading my blog.  I decided to move Throwback Thursday to a once-monthly post, rather than weekly, because frankly my blog is less than two years old, and when I was doing it weekly, I was quickly catching up to current posts.

I also share an old painstakingly cute or embarrassing throwback picture of myself, so you can either coo or laugh at me. This is me and my Daddy on his dirt bike, circa 1980.

This month's post was my recap about my first experiences at CrossFit called, "The Things I Learned at CrossFit On-ramp" 

I am no longer doing Crossfit, due to financial and social reasons, (it is expensive and I am more of a solo workout type of person) but I feel like I learned a lot in my short time at the box.

"I learned four little lessons that are just the beginnings of the things I will learn in CrossFit.  These are not just CrossFit lessons, but life lessons; Suck it up, don't compare yourself to others, check your ego at the door, and be honest with yourself.  I believe if you follow these four little rules, you will have already mastered half the battle, the battle of the mind, and then you will be free to work on conquering the body!"

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  1. Man do I miss CrossFit, and I LOVED what you had to say about it. Great post!

  2. I kind of miss crossfit, and still love lifting, but love getting back to working on form vs just heavy weight slingin' ;)


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