Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Secret to Quick and Easy Eggs

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave in 90 seconds or less. Do you think that you don't have time for breakfast? Maybe you can build an extra 90 seconds into your morning routine?

It is not really a secret. It's more like a "D'uh! Why didn't I think of that?" It is so obvious and easy, yet I get the impression that a lot of people never thought of it. The reason I get this feeling is the reaction I get in the  kitchen at my office at break time. I've had a version of this conversation many times over as I eat my daily eggs.

"What are you eating there?"
"Scrambled eggs," I respond, looking down at my obviously scrambled eggs.
"Well, yeah, I see that, but where did you get them?"
"I brought them from home and cooked them in the microwave"
"Really? You just cracked open some eggs and just cooked them in the microwave? I didn't realize you could do that. You are a genius!"

OK, maybe they didn't call me a genius, I might have made up that part (and spell-check corrected my spelling of the word genius, that is the clearest sign that I am not).

In case you didn't know, you can cook real eggs in the microwave! It is the same concept, but a lot easier and faster than those Pinterest egg-muffin recipes, which I have also blogged about, but abandoned when I realized microwave cooking was much faster, with an easier clean-up, and very similar end result.

How to Make Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave

1. Crack open 2-3 eggs in a microwave safe dish or portable plastic container (spray first with non-stick spray for easier clean-up.) You could separate the whites from the yolk for egg whites only, if that suites you. I eat yolks. They are my favorite part.

2. Be sure to stir the yolk completely, any yolk pieces that are not completely broken up could (and will) explode in the microwave or worse, once you pull it out of the microwave, in your face and put your eye out. I'm speaking from experience, trust me on this one. Stir really well or you might literally have egg on your face.

3. You can get fancy and add chopped veggies (onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.) or shredded cheese, or cooked meat (bacon, turkey, and sausage) to your egg mixture for a more complete meal. For the sake of ease, or because I am lazy, I usually just cook plain eggs with pepper.

4. Put in the microwave for 15-30 seconds increments, stirring after each time, until eggs are not runny. It usually takes me 1 minute on high for two eggs, but sometimes I need to add them back in for a few more seconds to fully cook the eggs. Be careful to not overcook your eggs or they will turn rubbery.

For me, this is the perfect quick breakfast or anytime snack, that I can bring to the office and heat up in the microwave in less than 2 minutes.

Do you microwave your eggs? Do you have any other "secrets" that are not really that secret, for quick meals on the go?

I am not a nutritionist or microwave cooking expert. I just blog and eat eggs that I make in the microwave. If you don't mix your yolk and it puts your eye out, you can't say I didn't warn you.  :)

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  1. I will definafly be trying this!!! I eat breakfast at and glad to find a fast healthy option!

  2. Love this!! I always microwave our eggs but people think I'm nuts!! My grandma always did it, so it just was the obvious! They come out so fluffy...why not?!

  3. I love this! I've never even thought about it before. I have a toaster at my office, and I may have to make some breakfast sandwiches with whole wheat English muffins and scrambled eggs from the microwave!! :)

    1. great idea! I wish we had a toaster at our office!

  4. I love eggs - they're my favorite busy-night-of-the-week dinner.

  5. Scrambled eggs every morning (except long run days). I cook them on the stove but they really only take a couple of minutes. But then, I'm home so that makes things easier. When I was a kid and we got our first microwave we had the best time cooking scrambled eggs in a glass measuring cup so we could watch them expand.

    Also, I love that you had to spell check "genius", and that you had to add a disclaimer that you are not a "microwave cooking expert" :D

    1. yes, it is important that everyone knows that I am not trained professionally in microwave cooking. :)

  6. I love eggs but have never microwaved them. Lots of hard boiling going on here!

  7. yay! Lego egg sunny side up!

    Really appreciate the detailed instructions.

  8. My mom has done scrambled eggs for the family in the microwave for years, so I'm used to it. The first time my hubby saw Mom cooking eggs in the microwave, he was skeptical. But now he cooks scrambled eggs in the microwave for our family!! We do 10-12 eggs in a large glass bowl at 1 minute increments. They always turn out so fluffy!


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