Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Five Tips to Hold a Longer Plank

Welcome to my weekly Throwback Thursday post where I dig into the archives of Running For Dummies and share a post you may have missed from the early days last year. I usually take this opportunity to also share either an excruciatingly cute or equally embarrassing throwback picture from my childhood.

This week, I am excited to announce that I have a special guest writer on the blog coming this week-end! My dog Ollie will be sharing with you all the reasons he loves to run. In anticipation of his post, I thought it would be fun to share one of Ollie's throwback pictures this week. Wasn't he just stinkin' adorable?

This week's Throwback Thursday post is all about the plank. There was a time last year when I was a self-proclaimed plank queen. I planked every single day for months-on-end and brought my plank time up to a pretty impressive time. Check out the post to see my record time. When I was on top of my plank game I wrote a blog post shared my plank progression and some of my best tips to hold a longer plank.

If you have an impressive plank time to share, I hope you will consider submitting your time to my plank leader board.

I hope you will click over to the original post for more in depth tips and to and see my longest plank time ever.

Do you plank? What is your longest hold time? Do you have any tips to hold longer?

Stay tuned for Ollie the dog's much anticipated guest post!

Keep Running,


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  1. I can barely hold the 30 seconds, but I've been doing them everyday for 2 weeks. I admit it's getting easier, though. The first time I almost cried. Also, it wasn't until this week that I got to do the sideplank. Can't believe I can hold it for 30 seconds, either.

  2. I am going to try some of these. I hadn't ever thought to read an article before, but definitely a good distraction from the pain. I also haven't tried turning the watch over. I'll be trying that one as well. Simple, but effective tips. Thank you!

  3. I've totally abandoned planks. But I followed you during that time and got mine up there and was quite proud....too bad I'm inconsistent but I just got so sick of them!


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