Saturday, March 16, 2013

According to Ollie: Running Lessons From My Dog

Hi, I am Ollie! It is nice to meet you. If we ever meet in person, I'll be sure to give you the opportunity to rub my belly. It will be your pleasure. My Mom Lea tells me that she writes a running blog. Now, I don't really know what a blog is, but I do know a little bit about running. It is one of my favorite things to do, right up there with napping and teasing those annoying cats. As an expert on the subject of running for the love of it, my Mom asked me to share some of my best running tips with you.  Here are five things to remember about running.

Run for Fun

I run because I love the way the wind feels against my ears and the pavement under my paws. I run for the pure pleasure of being one with nature and spending time with my Mom. Exercising my body is just a side effect. Some people have been telling me lately that I have packed on a few pounds, but I say I am a growing healthy boy who needs to eat. I don't run to lose weight, it just happens to be an added bonus. p.s. I don't diet.

Seize Every Opportunity

I seize every opportunity to run. When I see Mom put on her running shoes and reach for the leash, I start to get very eager. One might say my excited high jumps are my warm-up. I meet every opportunity for a run with excitement and enthusiasm. I never get bored of running. I am never too tired to run, even after a long day at the office (and by office I mean back yard, of course). I run every chance I get.

Play it By Ear

Mom wears this fancy watch and does something called intervals. Sometimes she gets too caught up in the numbers. I don't pay too much attention to time or speed. I run faster when I see a squirrel to chase and slow down when I need to sniff a tree. I think you running humans call that Fartleks. I call it life.

Be Social

I love to make new friends on my run. Mom is more of a solo runner, but I love to give a bark-out to all my friends behind the fences, both old and new. If I see humans out there, I am also open to have a new friend pet me. I'm a social runner. I give love and accept it freely, without reserve. It is a good way to live.

Whoa, that is a big dog!
This is my girlfriend.  She is pretty cute, huh?

Rest & Recover

I rest.  As much as I love to run, I love to nap. Recovery is important. Besides, my bed is really comfy.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post on Mom's blog. Mom really liked my guest post. She gave me a high five and an extra treat for a job well done.

I hope that you love to run as much as I do. Life is pretty good over here, one might call it a Dog's Life.

Keep Running,


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  1. That was so cute Lea! Goes back to what is basic and what every runner loves about running! Love your companion too!

  2. Best post ever!!!! I hope you don't mind me sharing. I'm a regular reader of your blog. I also about, often about my dog, and there are ALOT of running posts because he is my one-and-only run partner. Here are a couple of my faves! As you can see, our puppies have a similar outlook on running! Which is probably what makes them so special!

    1. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Yes, dogs do make the best running partners!

  3. Ollie, so good to get your perspective on things. Loved your post and you are very eloquent, and certainly HANDSOME.

    My Scout would have loved you... she had an odd friend, a llama, on one of our running routes and she always stopped at his fence and waited for him to amble over to touch noses with her. So sweet.

    Great post! Thanks for the big smile this morning.

  4. Animals are so much wiser than people. :)

  5. Fabulous post! Ollie has some great advice!

  6. cute blog!

  7. This is one of the cutest posts I have ever seen. Great job! Ollie could have his own blog. Great advice Ollie!

  8. I love this...I run with my dog as well. She keeps me motivated and in the right frame of mind. Nothing like a dog to help you remember to breathe and enjoy your surroundings with every ounce of your being :)

  9. Love this post! Makes me miss my dog so much...isn't it great the things we can learn from our pets (and our kids, I have learned over my few years as a mom).

  10. Awe! If we could all think like Ollie we'd have a fun filled, healthy life. Sans dog treats. I'll take some fruit.

    Terrific post!

  11. Cute blog post. I have a shorkie (a yorkie shitzhu) that loves to run too!

  12. awww, such a sweet post :) I run with my pup too. Some days he tries taking me out and other days he can run for miles. it's always fun running with him :)

  13. This was super cute!! And great lessons too!!


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